The Complete Guide to Buying a Used Make-Up Bag

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Used Make-Up Bag

Make-up bags have been used to store and organise cosmetics for years. This is because they are a convenient way to contain everything the owner needs to take with them when travelling, at home and at work.

Used make-up bags are being advertised to buyers on online sites such as eBay because of the demand and popularity of the product. Buyers are able to choose cost-effective and discounted items without having to worry about their budget, and sellers are able to share expert knowledge about specific make-up bags with users.

This guide will take the reader through the basics of used make-up bags. It will explain:-

  • The origins of make-up bags
  • The features and functionality of make-up bags
  • How to choose the right make-up bag on eBay

Origins of Make-Up Bags

Make-up bags have been around for as long as cosmetics have been used. Make-up can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, and accounts in arcane books like the Bible document women using creams and lotions to treat their skin and complexions and storing these in special baskets, often made out of reed. Since then, nearly every culture in the world has adopted make-up in some form or another. Some tribes even use powders and liquids to permanently tattoo their faces and mark patterns on the skin.

Make-up bags have therefore been in demand by consumers for many years. Various brick and mortar stores sell first-hand and mass-produced items to customers on a daily basis and so do online sites like eBay, in greater numbers.

Although buying new make-up bags is by far the most popular option, an increasing number of savvy buyers are choosing from second-hand, used make-up bags to save on cost and get more for their budget.

Features and Details of Used Make-Up Bags

Used make-up bags have the same features as new make-up bags, but they are also more varied than new make-up bags and some are even collectable items in their own right. This is because they are often older, or rarer than new make-up bags.

Basic features of make-up bags include:

  • Main compartment
  • Optional inside pockets or shelves
  • Fastenings such as a zip or popper
  • Lining, which is often waterproof
  • Label or advertisement on fabric

On eBay, used make-up bags can be located by typing in ‘Make-Up Bags’ in the main search engine and filtering the search down by selecting the ‘Used First’ condition. This brings up lots of results, and these used make-up bags include many features that a new make-up bag would not necessarily have.

These features include:

  • Bonus items
  • Collectable make-up bags
  • Limited-range make-up bags

For instance, used make-up bags that are aimed at young girls sometimes come with jewellery already stored inside that has been made up from a kit unrelated to the make-up bag itself. This bundle product is a popular listing on eBay for used make-up bags and can save the buyer time and energy building up a collection of jewellery and cosmetics, along with buying the bag itself.

Another interesting detail of used make-up bags is the fact that many products are from a limited range, and therefore have unusual designs that might not be found on the high street. For example, some make-up bags display vintage prints and photographs of popular icons such as Audrey Hepburn in full costume. Others are valuable because of their limited status. Certain make-up bags come in one-off prints from famous designers, who have created only a few sample cosmetic bags for fans.

Components and Parts of Used Make-Up Bags

The components and parts of make-up bags on eBay depend on the type of bag.

A drawstring make-up bag, for example, consists of:

  • String
  • Elastic lining
  • Light and thin fabric pouch

A clutch or purse make-up bag comprises of:-

  • Sturdy fastening such as a popper
  • Hard material casing
  • Attractive print in a shiny or matte finish.

Other types of used make-up bags on eBay include pencil-case style bags, often bought for younger children who want to use them for cosmetics and stationary. More designs include large tote or handbag-sized bags. These are created as stand-alone pieces that can be worn on the shoulder in an outdoor setting, and look like full-size bags in their own right.

Customisation of Used Make-Up Bags

One of the main attractions of buying a used make-up bag on eBay is the fact that it can be customised, adapted or completely changed for different purposes.

Old bags that are in need of restoration can be sewn into new designs, combined with different materials and turned into a new make-up bag. Small bags can be extended by cutting into the fabric and adding on new material to enlarge them.

Some used make-up bags can be changed to suit a different purpose. For example, a vintage box-shaped make-up case can be cleared of its contents and used to store and display favourite items of jewellery, like rings and bracelets and necklaces.

Here are some customisation ideas when it comes to buying a used make-up bag:-

Original make-up bag

New product

Draw string washing and toiletry make-up bag

Bag to store trinkets, washing pegs, photographs and keepsakes.

Rectangular pencil-case make-up bag

Stationery case, trinket-container

Large, waterproof make-up bag

Hairdryer case, hair straighteners’ case

Delicate and detailed make-up bag

Material can be used for collages, used to create cards and unique pictures.

Benefits of Used Make-Up Bags

There are many benefits of choosing a used make-up bag on eBay. These include:-

  • Reliability and proven durability
  • Highly specialised design
  • Unusual colours and shapes

Used make-up bags have generally stood the test of time. This means that if they are still in good condition and have a high-quality image on eBay’s display, they should be reliable enough to use for years to come.

The buyer can choose unusual and collectable editions of make-up bags if they look carefully. There are several vintage and designer items listed on eBay in unusual patterns and designs. Choosing an unusual piece rather than selecting something that anyone could buy makes the process of purchasing a make-up bag more unique.

Make-up bags, bought second-hand, can also be highly specialised. A buyer can choose specific filters after the search results have been displayed, in order to narrow down the search. For example, clicking on the filter For Parts brings up specific options including bath bags, toiletrycontainers and so on.

Concerns of Used Make-Up Bags

There may be a few concerns when it comes to buying used make-up bags on eBay.

These include:

  • Are used make-up bags reliable enough to purchase?
  • What used make-up bag is the best to go for?

The simple solution to these questions is to look carefully at the seller’s reliability, the quality of the image and the accuracy of the description beneath the picture. Most sellers are experts in their field and the products are described in enough detail to reassure the buyer of their quality before committing to a purchase.

There are so many items on the market and, along with the amount of choice in various charity brick and mortar stores, the process of choosing a used make-up bag can be daunting. However, unlike brick and mortar stores, where everything is on display, eBay lets the user click on categories and avoid seeing irrelevant results, which saves time and makes the experience more enjoyable and easier.

For example, if a user wanted to browse products in a certain price bracket, they could use the sliding scale to the left of the results and select a minimum and maximum figure. This makes the process of choosing a make-up bag quicker and highly personalised – so the final decision should not be a confusing one.

How to Buy Used Make-Up Bags on eBay

Buying a used make-up bag on eBay is simple and straightforward. The first step is to ‘shop by category’ and select Health & Beauty. Then, the user should click on the relevant sub-category. In this case, this category will be Make-Up & Tools.

The user will then be presented with a search result of thousands of products. The best thing to do from here is to select a filter on the left-hand side of the screen.

Filters for this search include:

  • Blushers
  • Bronzers
  • Concealers
  • Eyeliners
  • Face Powders
  • Lip Gloss
  • Mascara
  • Make-Up Cases & Bags

As a hint, clicking on Make-Up Cases & Bags after selecting ‘Make-Up & Tools’ will let you browse the most relevant search results. The buyer will be able to further narrow down or widen their search by navigating using the buttons on the left-hand side of the screen.

When the buyer has selected ‘Make-Up Cases & Bags’ the best thing to do from here is to narrow down the search. One of the simplest ways to do this is to click on the filter ‘Used’ in eBay’s search categorisation menu.


This guide has given the reader an overview of the types of make-up bags available to buy on sites like eBay. It is clear that there are numerous designs, shapes and functions of make-up bags, and that make-up bags can serve several purposes at once. For example, pencil-case designs can store stationery and cosmetics at the same time.

Choosing to buy from a seller who is offering free shipping and the Buy It Now function can save money for the buyer, and purchasing from authorised sellers means that there should be no complication in the requisition of the item. Moreover, the buyer can also choose to select a product from a local seller, which might make the buying process easier as a local sale can be arranged and the goods picked up in person. In addition, buying several used make-up bags at once in a bundle can be a very cost-effective method of buying several items at once, as the items are often heavily reduced in cost.

One of the greatest advantages to buying a used make-up bag is the fact that the designs are often limited, unusual and even collectable. Having a browse at the products on offer will prove that there is perhaps more to be gained from buying a second-hand make-up bag than a new, mass-produced version.

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