The Complete Guide to Buying an Audi Quattro on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying an Audi Quattro on eBay

More and more consumers are finding that the Internet is not only an excellent resource when it comes to researching for information on cars to purchase; it is also an excellent resource for buying a dream car from the comfort of home. One of the more recognisable sites for its ease of use is eBay. The company was founded in 1995 and has operations in over 30 countries around the world. The website has millions of offerings daily from private individuals and companies. A popular area with buyers is eBay Motors. For buyers from the UK, eBay Motors is a good place to visit when looking to buy a car. There, it is possible to search for the specific car in mind, such as the Audi Quattro. The site offers buyers a larger selection of specialised cars than a person may be able to find locally. Buyers are also allowed to provide feedback on sellers. Use this as an advantage when making a selection to bid on. consumers can look for sellers that are listed on eBay as Authorised sellers.

History of Audi Quattro

Named for its four-wheel drive, the Audi Quattro was manufactured from 1980-1991, making its first debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1980. This was the first year that four-wheel drive systems were allowed in rally cars. Previously, it had not been done because it was feared that such a system would make the vehicle too heavy and needed repairs too complex. The Audi Quattro proved them wrong as it went on to win the first rally the new model entered.

The designers were also looking to introduce a four-wheel drive vehicle, one normally used for off-road driving, to road surfaces. The idea was to make a car that could hug the road and possess tight handling regardless of speed and road condition, adding a layer of protection to driving in inclement conditions. The makers, Audi AG based in Ingolstadt, Germany, combined the four-wheel drive system with a turbo-charged engine, making it the first of its kind. The designers included Jorge Bensinger, Dr. Ferdinand Piech, and Walter Treser. The transmission was designed by Franz Tengler and the stylist was Martin Smith. The Audi Quattro was initially offered for sale in Europe.

It was not until 1983 that the model was also offered for sale in the United States and Canada. The North American model was only available until 1986 when it was stopped due to low sales numbers. Between 1980 and 1991 11,452 Audi Quattros were manufactured for the European market, with just 163 being released onto the UK market in 1981. This makes the Audi Quattro a rare collectors item, with less than 1000 cars thought to be on UK roads.

The Audi Quattro is a 2-door coupe with a five-speed manual transmission. Since 1991, the Quattro has been followed by newer models that use the four-wheel drive of the Quattro, such as the Audi S2. From 1985-1986 Audi AG manufactured the Audi Sport Quattro E2, a motor sport version. The centre and locking rear differentials made the rally car nearly unbeatable in rallies after it won in its first competition. It was one of the sparks that lit the fire of public demand for a high-performance, all-drive car that was street legal.

Looking for an Audi Quattro? – It is All in the Details

Once the decision to purchase an Audi Quattro has been made, a buyer needs to narrow the choices to the cars that meet personal requirements. First, determine a budget, including taxes, transportation/delivery, insurance, transfer of title, and any other costs associated with buying a car. This can help in the decision of which model years to research, and how to fit the available options within any financial plans. Prioritise certain requirements, especially if budget is a major concern. While it is necessary to compromise on certain wants, such as which model year to purchase, there is some variety of exterior and interior colours to select from. Look through price books for used cars to have a good idea of the price various model years are valued for that are in excellent condition and for those that need extensive work. Research can determine whether the car on offer is a good deal or not.

One thing to be aware of is that the model has had few engine differences made during the years it was manufactured, as shown in the chart below.








Overhead camshaft 1-5




Overhead camshaft 1-5

Other specifications of the Audi Quattro, such as its physical dimensions and performance, can be found in the following chart and are consistent for both UK and US models, whether they are left of right hand drive.



Gear Box





222 km/h

Manual 5

4402 mm

1720 mm

1339 mm


138 mph

Manual 5

173.3 in

67.7 in

52.7 in

The interior and exterior of the Audi Quattro saw a few changes made during its run. In 1983 and 1988 a liquid crystal display was introduced to the interior. The dashboard was redesigned in 1984 and 1985. And the front grill was changed from its squared-off shape to a sloping grill in 1985. The interior became more luxurious in later models. For aficionados of the original, the change in grill design seems to be where opinion differs, with some collectors interested only in the earlier models.

It is Time to Find an Audi Quattro

Go to the eBay Motors site and do a search for Audi under "Cars". Further refine the search by selecting Audi under "Manufacturer" and Quattro under "Model". From there, you can further filter the search by selecting "Model Year", and "Condition", such as new or used. The Price slide is a very useful tool to help select the Audis that fit the lowest and highest prices appropriate for your budget. If you do not wish to focus only on Audi Quattros available in the United Kingdom, you can expand the search to include the European Union and/or the whole world. This is appealing to buyers searching for a left-hand drive model versus the usual right-hand drive used in the UK. While there are some offered within the UK, expanding the search maximises the number of Audi Quattros with this option.

Keep in mind the issue of distance when selecting an offering to bid on as the cost of transporting the vehicle needs to be considered as part of the cost. You may wish to pick up your new purchase in person, so a buyer near at hand would be best. And if you prefer to have it delivered to your front door, the cost involved should also be factored into the price of the car. So negotiate and budget accordingly.

As an older car that is no longer manufactured and now considered a collector’s item due to its ground-breaking history in creating a demand for high-performance cars with four-wheel drive, finding an available model from 1980-91 takes some patience. They are not always found in the listings on eBay and bidding competition can become heated for the better maintained offerings and for certain model years because of changes in interior and/or exterior design. Also, sellers are assessed fees for posting their product listings on eBay and many price their items to cover those fees, passing them on to the buyer. Again, do not be afraid to negotiate or make concessions to receive the best price that fits within your budget.

Parts for the 1980-1991 Audi Quattro can be difficult to find locally. eBay sellers often have parts for the Audi Quattro offered for auction. Whether for use in maintaining an Audi Quattro already in your possession or if you are refinishing/rebuilding one that you came across, eBay is a good source to find the part(s) you are looking for. Sellers offer everything from interior seats, disk brakes, and parts for the drive-shaft to alloy tires.


The Audi Quattro is considered one of the best cars manufactured by Audi and takes its place in the history of automotive design. With its combination of four-wheel drive and turbo-charged engine the Quattro took the rally car to new heights, making it nearly unbeatable in races beginning with its first competition. The design issued a new ardour for the average driver who wanted a car possessing the same qualities be made available for paved surfaces. The Audi Quattro changed the face of the car industry and its shockwaves continue to echo. The car is now considered a classic. Along with its limited manufacture, the Audi Quattro is sure to be a collectible. However, it is unclear if that means that it will appreciate in price further in the future. So purchasing one should be for love of the car, rather than as a potential financial investment. For buyers who want to share in that excitement, the Audi Quattro 1980-1991 can still be found and eBay is a good place to find a real treasure.

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