The Complete Guide to Buying an iPod Dock on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying an iPod Dock on eBay

The iPod has completely revolutionised music by making it possible to listen to a vast collection of tunes anytime or anywhere. It does, however, limit the options to listening either through headphones or through a computer, but using an iPod dock can change this. An iPod dock enables the user to play music through speakers and may have other additional functions. There are many different types of iPod docks made, and a lot may be listed on eBay at any time, so it is important to think about what features are required in an iPod dock before choosing one to purchase.


It is vital to check if the iPod dock is described in the eBay listing as a universal dock. This term means that most models of iPod would be able to be used with the dock. The only exception to this would be an iPod shuffle which does not have the pin port that is a feature of all other iPods. If the seller has not listed the iPod dock as a universal dock, then they should be asked to confirm which iPods can be used with it. This information should include which generation of iPod it is as well as the actual type, such as iPod touch or iPod nano. The vast majority of iPod docks are not made by Apple, so it is important not to assume that all types and models of iPod will automatically be compatible with the dock.


Some iPod docks will automatically start to charge the iPod as soon as it is actually connected to the dock. This can be a useful feature and cuts down on the need for separate charging. This should be included in the eBay listing as a feature if applicable.


Although many iPod docks are small and are designed specifically for their portability, it is possible to buy larger models. The eBay listing should give details of the size of the dock and any photographs that are included with the listing should also help confirm the size. It's worth thinking about where the dock will be used and if it will need to be moved around, as this could determine whether size will be a factor in choosing which iPod dock to buy.

Sound Quality

Buying from eBay does mean that it is not possible to test the sound quality of the iPod dock, but there are certain things to look for in the listing that may give some indications about the sound. The size of the speakers is probably the first point that needs to be considered. Small speakers may suffice for personal use but if the dock will be used for parties, then the speakers will need to be larger. The other point to consider is that an iPod dock which provides a better quality of sound will usually have separate controls to enable the user to adjust the bass and treble of the sound. The seller should be able to confirm if the dock has these controls if they have not already included the relevant details in the listing.


The size of an iPod dock will obviously have an impact on whether it is easy to move and carry around, but the weight of the dock will also be a factor. It's possible the seller won't have put this information in the listing, but it is worth asking them to consider weighing the dock if it is intended to move it around a lot. The other factor that is very important for portability is whether the iPod dock can run on batteries or if it requires a mains connection.

Additional Features

The main function of an iPod dock is to play music, but many models will also possess additional features. These may not be essential but could be useful. A seller will generally list any additional features in the eBay listing.

Remote Dock

Depending on where the iPod dock will be positioned, it could be useful to be able to control it by a remote control. It is not essential as the majority of docks allow music to play on a shuffle basis and the dock will not have to be continually altered.

Alarm Clock

Some models of iPod docks have the capability to function as an alarm clock.. The user sets a time on the dock, and then at that time the dock will wake up the user by playing music from the iPod. This can be useful and means that a separate alarm clock is not required, but it does mean that the iPod has to be left on the dock every night in order for the alarm to work.


It is possible to buy an iPod dock which also has a radio. This gives an additional function to the dock but may mean that the price is higher.


The top of the range iPod docks may have wifi capability and be able to stream directly from the Internet. This will enable the user to play Internet radio stations, podcasts, and to even stream music directly from a computer.


It is very easy to buy an iPod dock on eBay, and some thought beforehand about what are the essential features and how the iPod dock will be used will help to make it easier to choose the correct dock. The eBay listing should include which iPods are compatible with the dock, and it is vital to check this carefully. The seller should also have included whether the iPod dock will charge the iPod and give some information about size and sound controls. Some models of iPod docks may also have additional features such as a radio and an alarm clock facility which can be useful but are not essential. It is important to remember that if something is not included in the eBay listing, then it is possible to ask the seller a question about the iPod dock, which they will be happy to answer if it helps to sell their item.

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