The Complete Guide to Ceiling Speakers

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The Complete Guide to Ceiling Speakers

The great thing about ceiling speakers when it comes to home audio is that they are great space savers. Installing speakers right into the ceiling means that buyers do not have to sacrifice floor, shelf, or wall space for the speakers they want to use to complete their surround sound stereo system for a home theatre or audio system. They also look very streamlined and may even blend directly into the home décor without being overly noticeable.

The speakers themselves are mounted into the ceiling and provide even more superior sound quality than standing speakers or speakers sitting on a shelf. Since the speakers are overhead, the sound can actually envelop the listener, providing a unique surround sound experience that can enhance movies or music. These speakers are generally round in shape and their grilles can be painted to match the colour of the buyer’s ceiling. There are several components of ceiling speakers that the consumer needs to consider before purchasing to ensure that he or she is getting the right ones.

What to Consider Before Buying Ceiling Speakers

Before a buyer purchases ceiling speakers for their kitchen, bathroom, or living room area, there are some factors to consider before buying. Not all ceiling speakers are the same, and there are different features that come with different speakers that may be more appealing to some buyers than others.


In terms of speakers, wattage generally means the amplification of sound. When it comes to speakers, the number of watts is used to specify how much power the speakers are using to create the sound from the speakers. A buyer should match a corresponding wattage in a ceiling speaker to the system that is paired with the speaker. Some ceiling speakers can accommodate a range of wattage, for instance, 20-100 watts per speaker.

A more expensive ceiling speaker may be able to amplify more watts, and ceiling speakers can be purchased that go up to 200 watts. This depends on how much power the buyer’s stereo offers, and how loud the consumer generally enjoys listening to music or movies. If the wattage between the sound system and speakers are not compatible, it could result in less satisfying sound or distortion.


The frequency of speakers refers to the Hz, which is the reproduction of sound at a certain range. A lower Hz number can create more bass sounds. An ideal Hz range would be from 45 to 80 Hz, and a very high number of Hz does not necessarily mean that the speaker is better, because the sounds are at their best at the lower end of the spectrum. So when shopping for a ceiling speaker, the buyer should keep in mind that a lower Hz number is just as good as a high one, and it does not make much of a difference especially in terms of bass sounds. Though a speaker that has a wide range of Hz, such as 45 to 15,000 Hz, is a good bet in terms of the expanse of sound a listener hears.


A speaker’s efficiency, or dB levels, is a good indicator of how much power the ceiling speakers can handle when played loudly. For consumers that enjoy loud music and movies, a higher dB rating ensures that the sound is still good when enjoyed at a higher volume. An average dB rating is around 80-90, which is a good number to be.


Bass sound is important to most consumers that are installing ceiling speakers in their home. With a low Hz number and a standard efficiency number, rich, deep bass sounds are not a problem. A great ceiling speaker for a bass lover has bass control functions that allow the consumer to customise the bass settings on the speakers for even more enjoyment. The bass comes from the subwoofer speaker, which is generally the largest component of the ceiling speakers.

Some ceiling speakers offer bass and treble controls that let the buyer choose the appropriate settings for the movie, music, or specific room that the speakers are in, which can personalise the experience even further. Purchase an additional subwoofer to add extra bass notes to the sound system.


Tweeters are the small part of the speakers that catch the higher notes, and these are an important part of ceiling speakers. For the perfect ceiling speaker experience, the consumer should choose tweeters that move, or swivel, so sound can be directed to the listener for a more authentic experience. These are easily adjustable, and some speakers have tweeters that can move in several directions.

The subwoofer and tweeters work together to produce the amazing sound that comes from a great ceiling speaker. However, additional surround sound speakers can always be added to further give the buyer a more exciting home theatre experience if desired.

Water Resistance

For buyers that want speakers in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, or other areas where they could possibly be exposed to moisture or the elements, a water resistant ceiling speaker is a must. These prevent damage from the elements to the speaker, which could result in loss of sound or a broken speaker. These can even be placed outdoors on a patio for music listeners outside. They are made of special materials that are resistant to water, humid conditions, and moisture, so this is a must if there is any chance that the speakers could become wet. They are also created and treated with a special coating in order to be non-rusting.


The appearance of ceiling speakers could be important to some buyers. Some ceiling speakers are black and may stand out when placed on the ceiling, but others are actually called invisible ceiling speakers because they have no lines around them and blend perfectly into the ceiling. Other ceiling speakers have grilles that can be painted to match the buyer’s ceiling so this is a good, customizable option. Most ceiling speakers are round, but there are some square or rectangular ceiling speakers available, too.

Things to Remember When Buying Ceiling Speakers

When a consumer is looking for ceiling speakers, the standard for most speakers work for most buyers, depending on which features are the most important to them. For optimal sound, there are general settings that work best to produce the most amazing sound.


Frequency (Hz)

Efficiency (dB)



Water Resistance



At least 45


Can be controlled by buyer

Large subwoofer

Moveable tweeters

If speakers are exposed to elements

The colour the buyer desires or paintable grills for personalisation

Buyers should consider all of these factors when picking out a ceiling speaker. For a wide sound range, moveable or swivelling tweeters are best, as well as a low frequency number and a high wattage to work together to create the best sound from ceiling speakers.

Ceiling Speaker Additions

Consumers that are purchasing ceiling speakers may want to consider other items that could be needed, such as cables, speaker wires, additional surround sound speakers or subwoofers, or speaker mount brackets. External volume control switches can come in handy, too, and be mounted on the wall for easy access.

How to Buy Ceiling Speakers on eBay

When you’re looking for ceiling speakers on eBay, there are plenty of options. Begin your search by keying in ceiling speakers, then narrow the search according to brand, whether the speakers are new or used, and whether you just want one speaker by itself or a speaker set. If the speakers are installed in a spot where they might get wet, check for water resistance. Select the speakers that are right for you by price, features, and power according to what your needs are.

Buy ceiling speakers from merchants that are Top-Rated Sellers, and have excellent feedback from other buyers. Find out from the seller if there are other items for sale that can be bundled with your speakers for a lower shipping rate, such as cords or cables, brackets, wires, or smaller surround sound speakers. Some buyers may want to select speakers according to size or shape, and if you want to see the speakers in person, purchase from a buyer that is local to do a pickup in person for a customised shopping experience.


For buyers that love their deep sounds and exciting at-home theatres, ceiling speakers are a must. Not only are they convenient and space saving, taking up only a small amount of room on the ceiling, but also they provide amazing sound as well as bass notes. The ceiling speakers can be pivoted and directed at the listener, so the sound appears to completely envelop the listener, providing a one of a kind and exciting experience when it comes to watching movies, playing video games, or listening to favourite music. Ceiling speakers are an integral part of any home theatre, and they are also a great way to provide sound in small areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, patios, or other spaces that may not have the wall or shelf space for larger, more traditional speakers.

Ceiling speakers are easy to install and can be customised with paint to match the buyer’s ceiling for the perfect camouflage. They can be purchased with different amounts of power and features, so there is a set of ceiling speakers to suit every buyer on eBay.

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