The Complete Guide to Choosing a Pyjama Set

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The Complete Guide to Choosing a Pyjama Set

Pyjama sets provide comfortable clothing to sleep in and can be worn around the house on a lazy Sunday morning. With such a broad range of ladies' pyjama sets available, there is a style to suit everyone. To stay looking chic in every season, consider the variety of fabrics available, in addition to the designs of traditional and modern pyjamas.


Pyjama Set Fabrics

It can be challenging to get to sleep on hot summer nights. To avoid tossing and turning in sticky pyjamas, look for summer sets made of fabrics that keep you cool, such as lightweight breathable 100 percent cotton that wicks moisture from the skin. Winter pyjamas provide cosy warmth at the end of a long day. A larger variety of fabrics are suitable for cold weather, including soft fleece, brushed cotton, and polyester.


Traditional Pyjama Sets

Long-sleeved pyjama sets with long trousers offer a traditional look that ensures warmth throughout the night. They have been a night-time staple for generations and are available in many styles, from classic checks to sexy silk pyjamas. For perfect elegance at bedtime, wear a matching set. Alternatively, mix and match the patterns for an eclectic look. Choose a size that is snug enough to retain heat, but loose enough to allow for movement while you sleep. Add luxury cashmere bed socks or comfy slippers to complete the ensemble.


Modern Pyjama Sets

Contemporary pyjama sets consist of camisole tops, vests, or T-shirts paired with boxer-style shorts. They come in plain coordinating colours or fun prints. These pyjama short sets are easy to pack for a holiday in the sun and are comfortable to sleep in. For an ultra-modern style, choose a onesie. This all-in-one set is available in a wide range of designs, including footed pyjamas and versions that feature hoods and pockets.

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