The Complete Guide to Sony Camera Batteries

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The Complete Guide to Sony Camera Batteries

Your Sony camera does not just require your keen eye to take amazing pictures. It needs power, and that power comes in the form of batteries. When your camera starts slowing down, it is time to replace the batteries to continue taking flawless photos. Purchase Sony camera batteries on eBay and never miss a moment for the perfect photo opportunity.


Digital Camera Batteries

Every Sony camera takes a specific type of battery, so it is best to check what kind of battery your camera model requires before browsing for batteries. Many Sony cameras run on Li-ion batteries. These batteries are rechargeable, but it pays to have a backup battery on hand in case you are out and not near a power source. These batteries are generally rectangular and small, and slide into a designated compartment on your camera. Some of the Sony models that use Li-ion batteries include the Cyber-shot series of cameras, and most of the Sony DSLR digital cameras, such as the Mavica. If you require a battery charger, it is available to match your corresponding camera battery. Li-ion batteries come in different types and sizes to power various cameras, including G batteries and K batteries, and batteries for Sony Handycam video cameras.


Traditional Batteries

Some Sony cameras, especially older models, take traditional AA batteries. These batteries are inexpensive and easy to buy in bulk quantities so you always have batteries on hand when you need them. Some compact digital Sony cameras run on AA batteries, including the Sony H300 model and the Sony DSC-H2, which use special Sony NiMH AA Stamina batteries and outlast regular AA batteries. These AA batteries are rechargeable as well, making them a bit different from standard alkaline batteries. Some cameras work best on NiMH AA batteries, so check to see which type of AA batteries your Sony camera takes before you load it up.


Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are convenient and money saving options, so when your battery dies, simply plug it into a charger and power outlet to add more juice. Rechargeable Li-ion batteries are specific to certain digital cameras, and these battery packs recharge with the aid of battery chargers which plug into outlets. The other type of rechargeable batteries is NiMH Sony batteries. There are also rechargeable AA alkaline batteries available for purchase that charge in a Sony battery charger.


Sony Battery Accessories

Aside from purchasing the batteries themselves, make sure you have the matching battery charger. You may also need an AC adapter cable or a car charger to charge your camera or video camera on the go. Another option is to charge more than one battery at a time with a dual battery charger, so you can have one battery in your camera and another one charged and ready to go.

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