The Complete Guide to the NG50 Noise Gate Pedal

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Serious guitar players know that the hiss and hum of feedback affects the quality of sound coming through the speakers. A NG-50 noise gate pedal helps to eliminate these unwanted sounds. A noise gate pedal removes the hum of the input signal, but still preserves tonality. Musicians should learn more about the features of NG-50 noise gate pedals that balance extraneous sound without fading out the notes they want to hear.


Features of Noise Gate Pedals

The threshold controls of noise gate pedals allow musicians to set the volume attenuation to their preferred level. The decay control determines how long the device takes to fade out and eliminate extra noise. When using a multi-pedal system, a send and return option gives users the ability to route the controls to pedals that need more noise reduction.


Benefits of the NG-50 Noise Gate Pedal

The Chord NG-50 noise gate pedal has a unique noise detection circuit that separates the guitar sound from extra noise. It is ideal for heavy metal guitarists that focus on riffs and solos. The device allows musicians to adjust the threshold knob to customise the effects for the sound. It makes the notes cleaner without interfering with the tone of the music. Rest periods produce perfect silence without feedback from the guitar amplifier.


Using the Chord NG-50 Noise Gate Pedal

To use the Chord NG-50, musicians connect the pedal to the cables leading from the guitar to the amplifier. The Noise Gate is powered by a 9-volt battery or a power supply unit. The device is activated using a foot switch and the user can adjust the controls to the desired settings. Playing some riffs on the guitar allows the musician to test the sound before making final adjustments. Adjusting the sensitivity control when the guitar is silent sets the noise floor level. The gate then eliminates background noise to stop the hiss that occurs between notes. The numerous settings of the Chord NG-50 make it easy to customise the sound to the environment, which is an important feature for musicians that play in multiple venues.


Accessories for the NG-50 Noise Gate Pedal

Chord makes a range of pedals to enhance the sound of the guitar. Its OD-50 overdrive pedal has level, tone, and drive controls to provide the driven sound of the classic rock guitar. The Chord GE-50 graphic EQ guitar pedal cleans up distorted tones and shapes the music. A seven-band graphic equaliser helps to boost the sound of heavy riffs. The CH-50 chorus pedal is suitable for many guitar styles and offers speed, depth, and effect level controls to bring a lush tone to each chord.

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