The Contented Little Baby Book - Gina Ford

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This seems to be a popular and much sought after book for parents.  I personally bought this book nearly four years ago and found some parts did help me and my daughter in establishing a routine, and in some cases , to be more settled.  However there were some suggestions in the book that I personally did not agree with (such as the suggestion to give my baby sugar water in replace of a feed if baby keeps waking at night) and I chose to ignore. 

The general idea of this book is to get your baby into a routine as quickly as possible in order to have "A contended baby".  Your routine seems to be on a 7am to 7pm, feeding every 3 hours, when to put baby to sleep, when to allow baby to play etc.  This felt all too rigid to me and did not allow any spontaneous trips or activities (very mundane).  I did find however that I was able to adapt the suggested time table to one that worked for me and y daughter by varying times/or suggested activities at particular times.

For first time parents this would be an essential book to use even if it is only to get the basics/ideas of how to settle/feed/etc your new baby or for reassurance that you are doing things right.

I would definitely recommend this book to FIRST TIME PARENTS ONLY!  I do not find it suitable for parents who may have other children whom they have to care for, particularly if the other children attend nursery/pre-school or school. Ginas advice/timetable does not give any time for you to commit to parents with other children and you will drive yourself mad or just ignore anyone but your baby in order to fulfill the daily routine.  (This is my own recent experience and no matter how I try it is impossible to do it all to how Gina advises). 

Overall a valuable book for first time parents... For second (or third) time parents its a valuable book to put on ebay.

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