The Definitive Cat Bed Buying Guide

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The Definitive Cat Bed Buying Guide

A cat bed is the place where your feline friend can take refuge in when it is scared or tired. Therefore, you need to choose a cat bed to provide a safe place for your pet. There is a huge range to choose from, and knowing what options are available to you, and the benefits they offer, ensures you choose the bed that best suits your cat and your home.


Enclosed Cat Bed

Enclosed cat beds simulate the natural sleeping environment for cats. While enclosed beds do not have earth and dead grass inside, they do mimic a den-style environment, with a warm, enclosed sleeping environment with only one entrance. An enclosed bed, often known as an igloo cat bed, helps to trap in warmth, so makes a great choice for cold weather. You can choose beds of differing sizes, from a kitten-size bed to an extra-large one suitable for large domestics, such as the Maine Coon. While most igloos have a soft, plush fabric construction with thick padding for comfort, you can also find wicker or wooden models that require you to add blankets or padded pet sleeping mats.


Basket Cat Beds

Choose from hard plastic, wicker, or plush baskets for your furry friend. Basket beds are open and do not provide a den-type environment. However, they allow lots of airflow, so help to keep your cat cooler in hot weather and they are easier to clean in comparison to enclosed cat beds. Plastic basket beds are wipe-clean, while wicker baskets are more challenging to keep free of dirt and parasites, as you need to clean between the wicker strands. Plush baskets are easy to clean, as you can place them in the washing machine.


Radiator Cat Beds

Radiator cat beds are the perfect solution for those cats who love being warm. These beds hook over the top of a radiator and have a soft covering on the frame that hangs over the radiator and then bends upward to form a cradle. The fabric-covered frame provides comfort and prevents your cat from getting burned if it leans against the radiator. While it does not mimic a natural keeping environment, a radiator cat bed provides a reasonably high platform to give your cat a sense of security, and provides extra warmth during cold weather. Better quality models have a contoured frame with a lip to prevent your cat accidentally rolling out while sleeping.

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