The 'Depth' of a Diamond

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The depth of any diamond is extremely important in regards to its brilliance and value. The depth is defined as the height of the diamond from the culet to the table. You can usually find the two different measures of depth on your diamond grading report. The actual depth is done in millimeters and the depth percentage which shows you how deep the diamond is as compared to the width.

The depth percentage is important but only tells half the story. Where the depth lies within the diamond is equally important, specifically the depth of the pavilion. It should be deep enough to allow light in to move around the diamond, but still be reflecting out the light at the proper angle adding to the brilliance. Diamond cutters must take the stone and remove weight from the original rough diamond to get the right proportions in order to achieve the effect that labels a diamond Ideal or Very Fine cut. In this cut the diamond will exhibit a white table reflection that appears to be in the middle of the diamond.

Depth percentages should be between 59% and 63% to be considered an Ideal or Very Fine Cut. You can have a higher percentage of cut in other diamonds that may require it, but higher is not always better in certain cuts. For instance in Princess cut diamonds the depth percentage is usually between 75% and 78%. Lowering that particular cut to even 65% would essentially ruin the stone.

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