The Different Types of Fishing Lures

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The Different Types of Fishing Lures

A wide assortment of fishing lures is available, and knowing which type of lure to choose is a daunting challenge for the novice angler. Different types of fishing lures are suited to landing specific types of fish. Understanding some of the most common types of fishing equipment and fishing lure helps you to make an informed purchase and maximise your chances of landing the type of fish you want.



Jigs are the most versatile fishing lures. You can catch almost any type of game fish when using jig lures. The weighted head, often with a lead or zinc construction, ensures the jigs stay in the correct position after casting, giving you the best chance of attracting a fish and getting a bite. Available in a range of sizes and colours, jigs are dressable with bait, feathers, rubber worms, or fake insects and bait fish. When jig fishing, you cast the jig out and when it begins to sink, you jerk the rod precisely, forcing the jig to vibrate and, in some cases, to skip across the surface of the water, to mimic the movement of a tasty insect. This entices the fish to bite.



Spinners are the easiest lures to master for beginners. The spinner has a metal shaft and a spinning blade, and a dressable hook similar to a jig. After casting, as you drag the lure through the water, the blade spins, agitating the surrounding water, creating sound and vibrations that attract fish. This makes the spinner a good choice for muddy water, too, as the fish can hear and feel the presence of the lure, so the clarity of the water or the light level does not impact the use of this particular type of lure.


Spoon Lures

Spoon lures have a curved metal construction with a single, double, or triple hook. These lures are a great choice for catching game fish such as flounder. This is due to the motion of the lure. The spoon shape causes the lure to move from side to side with a slow forward motion, which mimics the swimming technique of a weak or injured bait fish, encouraging larger game fish to come and investigate. Some spoon lures have a cast style, while others have a jig or troll design.


Soft Plastic Baits

Soft plastic baits, such as soft plastic worms, are one of the most popular lure choices for bass fishing. As well as worms, you can get soft plastic lures that mimic the appearance of other bait and insects, including crayfish.

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