The Dos and Donts of Buying Internal Hard Disk Drives

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The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Internal Hard Disk Drives

Computers are fascinating and exquisite machines that have aided mankind in accomplishing mind-boggling tasks, from sending humans into space to making incredible medical discoveries to making vast amounts of information universally available at the click of a mouse. None of these feats would be possible without the presence of internal hard disk drives,, which store the computer programs that accomplish these feats, as well as the thousands of files that are held for posterity's sake or shared on the Internet for the world to see.

The role of the internal hard disk drive is so important that when shopping for one's own computer needs, it can be quite overwhelming to pick a single drive. Does this one have enough storage? How many years will this one last until it is completely full? Fortunately, such worries can be put to rest, as long as the shopper follows the do's and don'ts of buying internal hard disk drives. By understanding what one should and should not do when looking for the right drive, a shopper can find the internal hard disk drive that is just right. Internal hard disk drives can be bought in brick and mortar computer stores, as well as online at websites like eBay .. Wherever they are purchased, the same basic rules of what to do and what not to do apply.

What Are Internal Hard Disk Drives?

Internal hard disk drives are the permanent storage units housed in a computer. Unlike external hard disk drives, which can be connected with a USB cable, internal hard disk drives have to be uninstalled if changing the stock drive that came with the computer. Internal hard disk drives are required for a computer to have programs and applications installed. Most computer users are able to use a single hard disk drive for all their programs and files; however, multiple hard disk drives are available for users who need the extra space. Generally speaking, the more space one has for programs and files, the faster everything can load on the computer. Computer users also do not have to worry about running out of storage space for years if they have a large hard disk drive.

The Do's of Buying Internal Hard Disk Drives

Buying the right internal hard disk drive shouldn't be a confusing chore. Following the guidelines about what to do helps the shopper find what type of internal hard disk drive he or she wants and needs, all at a reasonable price.

Do Set a Budget

Because internal hard disk drives come in all sizes and prices, establishing a budget before shopping for a hard drive is the most important step in the buying process. Faster hard drives with more storage space are what everyone wants in an internal hard disk drive, but for most people, there is only so much money that can be spent on a hard drive. Part of establishing the budget involves understanding how much space one really needs. Most computer users do not need a 4 terabyte (TB) hard drive. By first fixing a budget, shoppers can find a hard drive that meets their needs and saves them money.

Do Buy the Size That Fits Your Needs

Most computer users who do not work with large files can get by with an internal hard disk drive that has less than 1 TB of storage space. Gigabytes can be used quickly when installing all the basic programs for a computer user, but other than programs and personal photographs, there isn't much need for more storage space. However, for those who work with RAW files, like photographers or videographers, and for those who do a lot of computer programming and gaming, a significantly larger internal hard disk drive is highly recommended. For professionals, 2 TB internal hard disk drives should be sufficient, although more space is always better, just to be cautious.

The Size-to-Price Ratio of Internal Hard Disk Drives

Storage is the most important priority when it comes to buying internal hard disk drives. However, not everyone needs 4 TB hard drives. Understanding how much storage space one really needs can save the shopper significant money in the long run.

Storage Capacity

Price Range

Less than 100 GB


100 - 249 GB


250 - 499 GB


500 - 749 GB


1 - 3.9 TB


Another item to look at is the overall speed of the internal hard disk drive. The average speed is 7,200 revolutions per minute (rpm). Internal hard disk drives that are faster than this are generally only available in smaller storage capacities and are more expensive. For the average computer user who does not need significant storage space, a faster hard drive is an excellent investment. Whatever one's needs, there is a hard drive for each computer user.

Do Consider Multiple Drives

A single internal hard disk drive is sufficient for most computer users, but the extra storage space of an additional drive may be useful in some cases. The ultimate factor that multiple drives offer, however, is stability. One drive, for instance, can be devoted to programs only, while the other stores all other files. This organisation of storage space offers faster speeds when loading programs and files, and it reduces the risk of losing important documents should a drive crash. Multiple drives are much pricier, but this is an investment that is ideal for those who work with large files all the time. For the average computer user, it is not necessary, but it can serve as a nice upgrade to a computer.

The Don'ts of Buying Internal Hard Disk Drives

Just like there are guidelines about what shoppers should do, there are also a few rules about what not to do when buying internal hard disk drives. It is easy to make rookie mistakes. Fortunately, these don'ts of buying internal hard disk drives keep less experienced computer users on the right path.

Don't Buy More Space Than You Need

Unless users are photographers or gamers that work with a lot of RAW files or other large chunks of data, no more than 1 TB of space should be necessary for the average computer user. Understandably, large internal hard disk drives cost more than those with smaller storage space, so buying a hard drive that is realistically proportional to one's activities saves the buyer significant amounts of money. Extra space can always be purchased in the form of external drives in the future.

Don't Worry About Running Out of Space

Although it is important to purchase an internal hard disk drive with enough storage space the first time around, the day may come when all that space is used up, as well. However, this does not mean that one should invest in a 4 TB hard drive and spend more money than is needed. If more storage space is needed in the future, external hard disk drives are available for extra storage. External drives also become excellent backup tools for saving important documents, and they can be locked away for extra security measures when they are not being used.

Don't Forget to Back Up Your Files

After purchasing the right internal hard disk drive, many grow complacent, thinking that their files are perfectly safe. However, no amount of expensive hardware can reassure users that their documents are protected from an unexpected computer failure or a stolen computer. Everything should be backed up onto a server or an external hard drive, just in case. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and backing up important documents ensures that one's files are, in fact, secure.

Buying Internal Hard Disk Drives on eBay

Finding an internal hard disk drive with the right amount of storage space and speed may seem like a tricky quest, especially if shoppers are not too sure how much space is enough for their computer activities. That's why eBay offers its users the ability to browse through their incredible database with intuitive search tools. Shoppers can insert keywords like '1TB internal hard disk drive&' or 'external hard disk drive&' into the search box that is found on every page on eBay. Shoppers can also filter these results by specifying a price range or a preferred brand. eBay makes the shopping experience simple, and shoppers can feel more confident about the hard drives they purchase.

When purchasing internal hard disk drives, shoppers should thoroughly research the reputations of the sellers. eBay allows users to look at feedback left by previous customers about the overall shopping experience and any problems they may have had. By reviewing this feedback, users can feel more confident about their purchases on the site.


Computers are incredible in their design and application, and it can be intimidating when it comes to altering or upgrading the components inside them. That being said, it does not have to be difficult or overwhelming to find the right internal hard disk drive for one's personal computer. Internal hard disk drives vary by size and speed, and users can choose to install more than one drive. Typically, the more advanced the technology and the larger the size, the more expensive the drive. That is why it is important for a shopper to follow the do's and don'ts of buying hard drives, such as establishing a budget and finding a hard drive that meets, but does not necessarily exceed, his or her needs. Shoppers should not invest money in storage space they do not need, especially if they only use the computer for basic functions that do not require a lot of space.

In a worst case scenario, shoppers can always purchase external hard disk drives in the future if their storage needs change. All of these possibilities can be purchased online at eBay or in various local computer stores. Once shoppers find the right hard disk drives for their needs, they can continue to enjoy their computers without worrying about storage issues.

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