The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Sign-Making Accessories on eBay

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The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Sign-Making Accessories on eBay

Sign-making is a profitable business. Many companies rely on signs as their principal means of marketing to prospective clients. For example, businesses may put up a sign about their weekend sale or their holiday specials. Additionally, signs are a way of communicating to the general public such as warning people of dogs or letting them know that parking is not allowed in front of a particular establishment. On top of that, there are new businesses being opened everyday that require signage to let people know they are open for business. Signs are also a way of getting brands out there in the public eye.

It is no wonder then that there are so many companies that cater to just making signs. And for these companies, whether new or old, having sign-making accessories on hand makes their job a lot easier. Unfortunately, with so many accessories out on the market today, it is easy to get confused. When purchasing sign-making accessories on eBay, in particular, there are many do's and don'ts that must be kept in mind. Buyers must know the different kinds of accessories and understand if it is right for their business. It is only by doing this that they can ensure that they are not spending needlessly on items that do not increase their bottom line.

Do Understand the Different Types of Sign-Making Accessories

Sign-making accessories come in a wide range of types that can help in both its removal and application. Before purchasing any of them, it is important to understand what they can do. Below is a quick description of the different kinds available on the market today.

Sign-Making Accessory


Adhesive Tape

Secures the sign on various surfaces; types include double-sided tape, masking tap, and office tape, among others; adheres to surface using light pressure; long and narrow material

Tape Dispenser

Secures the tape roll; has mechanism that allows the user to trim tape to its desired length; normally made of plastic; used for office tape


Used to apply graphics on flat surfaces; may be made from felt, plastic, wood, or vinyl, among others; may be used for window graphics and vehicle wraps; makes sure there are no air bubbles

Cutting Mat

Protects the work area; keeps the blade sharp; makes it easier to cut in a straight line; may be used for straight blades or rotary cutters; has grid lines

Application Fluid

Used to apply film and vinyl stickers; allows more control when applying the stickers; makes the process faster


Allows precision control for items that are too difficult to handle with one's hands; smaller version of tongs

Safety Ruler

Keeps the blade in a straight line; normally made from stainless steel; protects fingers from accidental injury; typically has non-slip backing

Roll-up Tape Measure

Measuring device that retracts and rolls up with a click of the button; typically in a stiff metal strip form; portable; measures the dimensions of signage


Used in screen printing, rubber stamping, and lino block crafting; used to roll ink into the lino block; rollers may also be used to paint the background of signages


Removes adhesive on flat surfaces and vehicles; also removes wax, epoxy, grease, and road tar, among others; cleaner strength depends on the solvent


Drills holes through signage to mount it on walls and other structures; attaches rivets onto the signage and structure; versatile and multipurpose

Cloth Gloves

Keeps the sign from getting dirty when it is being installed


Stores vinyl and pre-mask tape in an orderly fashion; may be placed on the floor or on the wall

Heat Gun

Applies vehicle wrap by emitting hot air; softens adhesives; welds plastic; strips paint; multipurpose and versatile

Choosing from among the different sign-making accessories may feel confusing and overwhelming for new signmakers. However, it is simply a matter of estimating the number of clients expected to come through the door and purchasing the appropriate amount of accessories to make sure that the job gets done on time.

Do Check if Branded Sign-Making Accessories Are Required

For those who want the best for their business, it may be tempting to simply go for branded accessories. While these may work out for some accessories like heat guns or application fluids, other items like cloth gloves, adhesive tape, or cutting mats may be bought without thinking about the brand. Generic products may save more in the long run, which means greater profits for the business. On eBay, there are many generic and branded sign-making accessories available for sale. If it is in the company's and its customer's best interest to spend more for certain branded accessories, however, it is better to spend more money upfront than suffer down the line.

Do Search for Sign-Making Accessories on eBay

People who are looking for sign-making accessories should begin searching for these items on eBay. Start by typing "sign making accessories" in the search field located at the eBay homepage. Press enter on the keyboard. While this often works for other items on eBay, you may find that this is particular search term is too general for sign-making accessories. Keep in mind that the default setting of the eBay search tool is to only search within the product listing titles. To search for accessories, consider typing specific keywords like "heat gun" or "cloth gloves". If this turns up too many items, however, you can narrow it down using the filters available. These normally include item location, price, and condition, among others.

Another way to go about this search is through the use of the eBay Advanced Search tool. Instead of having to narrow down the results after running the search, you can specifically state what you want right off the bat. This makes the search faster and more efficient. For instance, if you wish to only see heat guns from sellers that are located around your area, you can type in your postcode and indicate the radius distance that you are willing to travel. This is especially for those who wish to collect the item from the seller instead of having to wait for it through the post.

Don't Be Afraid to Purchase Used Sign-Making Accessories

People who are working with a budget but refuse to compromise on branded sign-making accessories should consider looking for secondhand items on eBay. These are normally items from sign-making shops that have closed down or from those who found that they have overstocked on some supplies. In fact, it is possible to find sellers who have listed various items in "lots", which can save the buyer even more money than purchasing it on a per-piece basis.

When buying secondhand items, get as many pictures of the item as possible from the seller so as to know the condition of the item. Additionally, ask how often it has been used and when it was first bought. Expect less use from rulers or rollers that were used in schools or DIY home improvement projects versus those that are owned by a sign-making company. Specifying the item condition, particularly if it is new, used, or refurbished, may be done on the eBay sidebar.

Don't Forget to Evaluate the eBay Seller

After deciding on the specific sign-making accessory to be purchased, the next step is to review the eBay seller. Because eBay is an online marketplace where just about anyone can list or buy the item, it is important to take a look at the seller feedback. For starters, consider only buying accessories from sellers who have a rating of 99 per cent or above. However, this does not mean that sellers with less than this should be ignored immediately. Sometimes, perfectly good sellers of safety rulers, racks, or roll-up tape measures have negative feedback ratings due to their inexperience in shipping, customs, or eBay in general. Just make sure to read the detailed negative feedback from other buyers thoroughly and coordinate with the seller so it does not happen the second time around.


Purchasing sign-making accessories on eBay is simple, easy, and convenient. It is important, however, to consider the many do's and don'ts before going ahead with the transaction. To begin with, it is crucial to first understand the wide range of accessories that can be purchased for sign making out there. These accessories make the job easier and faster to accomplish. Among these are items like adhesive tapes, tape dispensers, squeegees, cutting mats, application fluid, tweezers, safety rules, roll-up tape measures, rollers, cleaners, drills, cloth gloves, racks, and heat guns, among others. Another thing that owners should consider if the job needs branded accessories for it to be accomplished. More often than not, generic accessories do the job just as well.

More than this, instead of purchasing these accessories from traditional brick-and-mortar shops, it is also a good idea to buy them on eBay. This online marketplace helps buyers located secondhand sign-making accessories and makes it easy to spot trustworthy sellers through its rating system. Instead of waiting long lines at the department store, eBay makes purchasing sign-making accessories for one's shop easy. Simply visit the eBay homepage and type in the accessory in the search field to get started.

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