The Essential Guide to Used Business and Industrial Items on eBay

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The Essential Guide to Used Business and Industrial Items on eBay

When looking for business and industrial items, shoppers have a large selection to choose from while buying on eBay. Shoppers can save even more by buying used items. Used items typically come in good condition, with some items near new condition. Refurbished items offer another way for shoppers to save money on items. Many manufacturers replace worn components on an older piece of equipment, making refurbished items almost as good as a new item, and in some cases just as good as a new item.

One of the main reasons shoppers buy used and refurbished items is to stay within a budget they set for themselves or their business. Buying used and refurbished industrial items allows for office managers to get more for their purchasing power, as they can buy more items at the reduced price. So, whether buying large pieces of equipment or smaller essential office equipment, such as chairs and desks, shoppers can almost always find what they need online on eBay.

Types of Business & Industrial Items

When shopping for used business and industrial items, shoppers first need to determine the type of equipment they want to buy. The following sections give more information on the different business and industrial categories available and the items that they contain, ranging from electrical to office supplies.


Agricultural equipment can get expensive. Used and even refurbished farming items offer a good way for those with less money to afford the equipment that they need. This can include such items as tractors, trailers, and other farming supplies necessary to effectively work in an agricultural setting.


Items used in a construction setting provide businesses with another invaluable area where purchasing used equipment can save shoppers money. Whether buying power and hand tools or pieces of larger equipment, such as an excavator or cement mixer, shoppers can peruse the large list of used items to save money on purchases.


When shopping for used electrical supplies and testing equipment, shoppers have a wide selection to choose from. This can include various circuit breakers, components, and other supplies. Shoppers can find a variety of testing equipment to use when installing or maintaining various devices and equipment powered by electricity.


The healthcare category offers a wide variety of used medical and lab equipment for purchase. This area contains such items as various medical supplies that come from surplus stock, such as bandages, syringes, and other items associated with administering medication or first aid. Shoppers can also find a multitude of used medical and lab equipment in this category.

Industrial Supply

The industrial supply range contains a large selection of used protective, material handling, and cleaning equipment and supplies. This includes everything from shoes and work pants, to cleaning supplies and more.


Shoppers can find various pieces of used equipment in the manufacturing section. These include woodworking, processing, and manufacturing equipment, such as saws, moulders, and a wide variety of other equipment.


The metalworking products include such items as used anvils, chucks, lathes, milling machines, and more. Shoppers should take the time to look at any photographs of tool bits to make sure they meet the requirements for what a specific metalworking machine and the job at hand.


Shoppers can find used office equipment, such as copiers and fax machines, in the office supplies listings. Other used items available in this category include various pieces of office equipment. A wide selection of used office chairs, filing cabinets, and desks can fulfil any office need for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Packing Supplies

Packing supplies include all sorts of used boxes, bags, tape, wrapping materials, and more. Shoppers should realize that used packing items means that the items in question typically belong to surplus or overstocked items that a company does not need anymore.

Power Tools

Shoppers can find a wide variety of used power tools. These include various used drills, saws, sanders, grinders, staple guns, batteries, chargers, and more. Shoppers can find essentially whatever power tool they need in either used or refurbished condition.


For those looking for some options with printing, used bookplates, printing machines, heat presses, and more await shoppers in the listing for printing items. Shoppers can also find a wide variety of ink plates and sign-making technology, among other items.


Restaurant relevant products includes such used items and equipment as kitchen sinks, hot plates, coffee makers, and a wide variety of tablecloths, tableware, and more. Shoppers can also find a variety of bar and drinking equipment, catering trailers, and a wide selection of tables, chairs, and other items.


Retail contains a variety of used items for retail shops, such as display stands, shelving, mannequins, signs, and a variety of other used items. Shoppers can find used CCTV cameras and systems, a large selection of used vending machines and other dispensers, and a variety of point-of-sale equipment, such as scanners, receipt printers, and more.


Communications in a business plays a leading contributor to its overall success. Used telephones, headsets, and switch boxes make up the listings for items related to telephones. Shoppers can find a small selection of used wireless equipment available as well.

Video Broadcasting

Video broadcasting is a wide selection of used audio and video equipment. This also includes bags, cases, cables, adapters, lighting equipment, and a whole range of other used items that help in video recording.

What to Look for in Used Business and Industrial Items on eBay

When shopping for used items on eBay, carefully judge the items of interest. Look at the quality of the items, as well as the cost and how they fit within a set budget. Finally, refurbished items offer shoppers a great opportunity to buy used items that work almost as good as new, at a great savings. The sections below cover these important areas in more detail.


When buying used items, shoppers should make sure that any item purchased has the features they want. This can come down to a choice between the budget set forth and getting a feature that shoppers desire in a piece of equipment. Shoppers should get the features they want if possible, as this could mean not having to buy a piece of equipment with that feature at a later time t.


Shoppers might find the quality and condition of used items difficult to judge, especially just assessing photographs of the item that a seller posts on their listing. But potential buyers can magnify the photo and look for any tell-tale signs of damage, such as scratches or cracks in the exterior of the equipment.

If shoppers have questions about the product's quality, they should not hesitate to ask the seller about it. Sellers want to sell their products, but they also want a happy customer who returns in the future for further business.


Shoppers should browse through the available items and pick the one that best fits their budget. This could require shoppers having to buy a lesser brand than they originally intended. However, sometimes even brands that cost less have a lot to offer.

Refurbished Items

Refurbished items are those that manufacturers or outside companies alter in some way, including either upgrading or replacing broken parts. One example deals with the refurbishment of printer ink cartridges. Manufacturers refill the old cartridges, replacing the metal contacts in the process. While considered used, many refurbished items are close in quality to new items.

Purchase Used Business and Industrial Items on eBay

Top sellers on eBay provide businesses with a variety of product options. These sellers offer high-quality used and refurbished items for companies of all types. To search eBay, just enter keywords into the search box on any eBay page. Use terms like "used Sony video cameras" or "used audio equipment", for example, to begin a search. To narrow the list of results down, click on the categories options to display only the listings that detail the particular item interested in.

eBay also provides shoppers with a lot of support. The site features a search tips page, which details how to easily find products on the site, including business and industrial items. There are also eBay shops that offer many product options.

Finally, remember to check each product listing for the features that you need, including size, colour, cost, and other pertinent terms of sale. Ask the seller questions by clicking the Ask a Question link on the seller's listing page. And do not forget to read over the seller's feedback rating to make sure their score is high.


Shoppers looking to save money on business and industrial items should buy used. Most often used items can still work well for many companies. If shoppers find themselves hesitant to buy a used product, they might consider buying a refurbished item. Refurbished items, while not new, have had a lot of their worn and damaged components replaced with new ones. Many manufacturers of business and industrial equipment refurbish items to sell at a lower price to shoppers, thus giving them a good alternative to buying something new.

Most of all, shoppers should make sure that they know the list of features that they need in each product and keep this in mind when choosing items, as well as the budget established. This includes comparing the different items available for size, colour, and other specifications. When searching for used business and industrial items, shoppers can do a comprehensive search on eBay to find the perfect item for their needs.

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