The Essential Video Game Guide

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The Essential Video Game Guide

Hi guys im adam iv been a gamer for well over 10 years now and iv played everything from abes oddysee to bad company 2 and today i want to share what i think are the most essential games you must play if your a avid gamer or even just getting into gaming


Oddworld Abes Oddysee & Exoddus: i renember playing this when i was 7 oh the joys of abe and his green pals the aim of these games was to save mudokons in abes oddysee there was 99 i only ever managed 78 but oh boy was exoddus a challenge there was a mega 300 (personal best was 245 haha :L) these were games that once you started playing you couldnt stop it was addictive aswell as cool at the same time these were a hits back in the late 90s when playstation first started its grand voyage into the history of technology these are two pretty difficult games to get hold of now being they were so popular at the time youd think theyd be common but theyre quite rare but if you do ever manage to find a copy and you have a ps3 or a dusty ps1 (heck these are even on steam on the pc if it becomes to difficult to find) definatly give these games a shot theyre pretty darn fun and provide hours of enjoyment

Silent hill 2: this is a benchmark for the horror survival series it dosnt matter if a game has the graphics,gameplay or whatever every horror game is compared to this beast of a title this game is the most richly detailed storyline i think iv ever played this is some proper scary and mindtwisting stuff this was a real treat to play back in 2001 or 2002 one on those years :L when it first came out nothing compares to the sheer brilliance this game provides the way it was crafted and set out provided a rich gaming experience that you shouldnt miss this is simply THE best horror title availble on the market it dosnt matter if people say homecoming or resi 5 is better because of the graphics, etc play it and it will show graphics isnt everything this is quite common for the ps2 with many game shops still stocking it maybe the xbox version is a tad rare but but the elusive pc version is near impossible to find without it having a 80 quid price tag if you can pickup a copy of this you will not be dissapointed

Second sight: i renember this game first playing it on a demo disc for the xbox i thought it was quite decent so i bought the game itself and oh boy what a game this was simply a masterpiece in the action genre it was a fun addictive game that you always found yourself replaying it was quite a good game the storyline was a little miffy and difficult to get to grips with but past that the gameplay was brilliant and the way the characters past is shown through sub levels were truly great not the best on the graphics side but it was still pretty darn good

Modern warfare 2: youv heard alot about this i know everyone has :L but its addictive and its just amazing the multiplayer proves this alone the combination of perks and weapons provides a gameplay experience like no other lacks story im afraid not as good as its predeccesor call of duty 4 but darn this is something which was overloaded and shows its king status this is the lynchpin of the online gaming community and this game is probably the most famous out there i dont need to say much about this but if you havnt got it then why are you reading this you should be out buying it!


silent hill shattered memories: this game is  mixed bag i know people are going to think geez its a wii game noone cares its for babies blah blah blah but this is in no way a childs game this is one wii title that will shock most people this is a remake off the classic Silent hill 1 (A REMAKE NOT A COPY) in no way is it the samed except a few characters,locations and storyline elements the wii has greatly incoporated the wiis functionality to give birth to a great entry into the series since silent hill 2

more games to come


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