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Is it just me or is the current Feedback system very restrictive?

It's really starting to annoy me now. Did you know that Ebay users can leave you Feedback up to 3 months after the transaction was completed?

And the problem with this is that some Ebay users may deliberately refrain from leaving Feedback to protect themselves.

Consider this scenario - let's say that a Buyer has received the item they bought but there is something wrong with it and they fear that if they tell the truth when they leave Feedback for the Seller, then the Seller will give them Negative Feedback. So instead of leaving Negative Feedback, they leave Positive Feedback for the Seller and the Seller does the same. In the meantime though, the Buyer ends up wasting their hard-earned cash on a shoddy product. You'd think that the Buyer is well within their rights to post Negative Feedback for the Seller in this situation.

Also consider this scenario - a Seller has just sold an item. But the Buyer has not contacted the Seller for 2-3 weeks and has not paid for the item that they bought. The Seller opens up a Unpaid Item Dispute. The Buyer finally communicates with the Seller and claims that the payment has been sent to the Seller in the post. The Seller doesn't receive payment from the Buyer in the post, closes the dispute and the Buyer gets a deserved Unpaid Item Strike. Again, you would've thought at this point, it's within the Seller's rights to leave the Buyer Negative Feedback, wouldn't you?

But guess what? The Buyer can still leave Negative Feedback for the Seller despite that fact that the Seller has not done anything wrong. And in the first scenario, the Seller can still Negative Feedback for the Buyer despite the fact that the Buyer did nothing wrong.

How is that fair? People - we need to take this fear factor away.

It's just leading to people making up lies in the Feedback comments. Lies in the Feedback comments will only lead to an incorrect Positive/Negative reputation for the Buyer/Seller which is very bad for the Ebay community.

The main problem is that Honest Feedback will often lead to Retaliatory Feedback for both Buyers and Sellers alike. Buyers and Sellers who just out-and-out lie when leaving Negative Feedback are also likely to be met with Retaliatory Feedback.

But what is Ebay willing to do about this? The answer is absolutely nothing.

Something needs to be done because the emergence of a new type of Ebay user - the Feedback Fraudster is a new threat to the Ebay community.

This type of user makes extortionate demands. Some Sellers like to demand extra "handling fees" for refunds and some Buyers also make extra demands after the transaction has been completed and threaten to leave Negative Feedback if their demands are not met. Or they just refuse to communicate with you and leave Negative Feedback anyway simply because they don't like you despite that fact that you kept your end of the deal.

Of course, most Ebay users will stand their ground, but then comes the Negative Feedback. Totally unnecessary, unjust and unfair. Just the one Negative Feedback comment can ruin a Buyer's/Seller's reputation.

Getting a Negative Feedback rating is especially tough for a Buyer or Seller who has a 100% Positive Feedback score. Just the one Negative Feedback rating can decrease their Feedback score from 100% to 97%. Big difference if you ask me.

I've already suggested to Ebay that they re-assess the current Ebay Feedback system and think of a better way of improving the system.

I suggested that they increase the character limit from 80 to 200. This should then allow Ebay users to make a comment that reflects on all the facts so that a more truthful perception is given of the transaction. Buyers and Sellers alike can make better professional replies to unjust and unfair Feedback so that when another Ebay user looks at the Buyer or Seller's Feedback profile, they can make a better judgment on that person.

I'm only one man - the guys in charge of Ebay will not listen to my suggestions. I need people like you - the honest Ebayer to show support for a change to the Feedback System like the one I've described.

Like I said, it would only make Ebay a safer place to buy and sell things.

So if you agree with what I've said in this guide and want to see changes made to the Ebay Feedback System, then please click on the Yes button at the bottom of this guide.

I'd also suggest that you send Ebay an e-mail so that they get the message that we mean business. If we can get enough Ebay users to send Ebay Customer Services e-mails about this matter, then they can't ignore us. If we keep complaining about this and keep pushing for the new changes, then they will eventually give in.

Many thanks for reading through this guide.

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