The Feedback System Should be so reliable, but....

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Feedback, a reassuring way to find out a little about another e- Bayer before doing business with them! Or is it? New rules make all Buyers 'whiter than white' and all Sellers 'potential rogues' least that is how it appears and yet it is the Sellers who pay their Fees and, therefore, give e-Bay their income.

As  a Seller I can now only leave 'positive' feedback and can only read 'positive'opinions from other Sellers so, therefore,

the feedback is meaningless and that defeats the object.

Another anomaly is 'private' feedback. Why is it allowed ? and why would anyone with nothing to hide want to go 'private'?

I have sold to Buyers with 'private' feedback without any problem (but did notice they did not leave feedback for me!) and I have bought from one Seller with 'private' feedback without problem but I have also noticed ,when browsing, that there are some 'private' feedback Sellers whose items  sell for surprisingly higher sums than the same item from a more 'open' Seller.I wonder why that should be?

Undoubtedly some changes needed to be made to the Feedback system  but NOT the changes that were made! My suggestions would be:

1) BAN 'Private' Feedback- that is wide open to abuse!

2) Give Sellers back the same 'rights' as Buyers to  leave an honest opinion.

3) Where either party has not left feedback after a certain period (maybe 4 weeks) then e-Bay credit it as 'positive'.

Feedback could, and should, be a true and fair guide for all parties let us hope we get that in 2009!


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