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I found a fantastic site called a non profit organisation who help buyers see the real story behind a seller. Ebay are not orientated towards the buyer they are more towards the seller. After all you can make a living out of crooks. When you see a feedback score it can be misleading because it is based on a percentage. A person who starts out and only has four sales and gets a negative feedback from one buyer will see a positive feedback score of 100% get reduced to 75% and most people won't look beyond the superficial and look at the whole picture. By the same consequence I have seen sellers with quite high feedback ratings 99% and when you look closer you might find they get hundreds of negative feedback points but because they sell thousands of items each week the negatives get lost. I was fascinated by a company called magical-deals who I brought from on a previous occasion and they claimed they were based in Scarborough UK so no problem. I was tempted to purchase again and the goods were not new as advertised the software was missing. I contacted the company and got no response. It transpired that magical-deals was a computerised selling organisation based in Canada not the UK. The computer spat out negative feedback to any buyer who dared to leave negative feedback for goods they did not get or any problems they encountered. They then used this to blackmail people into mutually withdrawing the feedback. Remember you can always use toolhaus and contact a person who has had a bad experience and try and find out the "True" story after all you cant say much in 80 characters. But you can get a lot more in the hundreds that is allowed in the contact member facility. For my part I have had 4 negative feed-backs all from people who did not send me the goods. One I agreed to mutually withdraw. So I got negative feedback for complaining or objecting to sellers who didn't send the goods. One company said card left buyer refused goods., so why would i have paid £35.00 for postage that only cost £2.50 so it was returned and you cant explain that the post office did not leave a card. the postmen in London cant read. You think I'm joking !!! We all want 100 % feedback as a buyer or a seller so caution and investigation is the answer and not to impulse buy with the click of a mouse because no one has bid at the last moment. remember other people may have noticed something that you have overlooked. I always remember the old adage if it looks to good to be true it probably is. Caveat Emp-tor or Ebuyer beware Ebay are trying to block toolhaus at the moment ( bad for publicity ) but keep trying you might only get the last year or a reduced list. When I looked a magical-deals after my problem I found the had several hundred displayed. I sometimes wish that buyers would mass petition ebay to stop such dubious sellers. But ebay has to make a profit and if you sell 38,000 items they wont turn away the business no matter how badly the seller behaves.
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