The Great Console War...and why i HATE them all !

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being somewhat of a PC freak..  this year i decided to indulge my "gaming" interests and check out  the Nintendo Wii,  PS2 Slim ( silver ) and Playstation 3..  heres my 10pence worth for all you wishing to get a games console..   

first up was the Nintendo Wii console..   I bought one from amazon in the end, after much hooplah this year with teh hugely overpriced consoles..  after playing it for about a week and liking it,  i soon got very bored with it..   it subsequentley got sold..   same old games, just with  a "Wii mote" and the graphics werent all that either..  kids love it..  im an adult..  of sorts..

next up i purchased a playstation 2 slim console..  the plot thickened..   i remember these coming out in 2000 and people were like rabid dogs trying to get hold of one of thee futuristic designs.. 

loved playing tomb raider anniversary, excellent game.. but i had it for my PC, and it was every bit as good, if not better for graphics..  still nice small console, and if anyones looking for a nice console, with tons of great games,  get one !

i soon sold the PS2 after beign utterly bored with no-one being online to play against, and the games were again.. starting to wear thin..    i moved onto the playstation 3..

i was tempted to grab a PS3 after hearing about it from friends etc... so i picked up a PS3 on amazon..  with one amazing game Asassins Creed..  The console itself is a HUGE magnet for dust, in its George Forman type Grill shaped design, it does look kindof awesome..

after grabbing unreal tournament... something hit me..  what is it that game console manufacturers are trying to do..   well, after 4 months of mucking about with consoles i think i have the answer.. 

more and more they are trying to move the consoles to behave like a PC does..   internet surfing, email, photos, movies, games..  well..  im very sorry to say, that even though the PS3 has come close,  none of them will EVER be like a PC..  

also,  whenever a new console comes out, a few years later, someone makes a PC Emulator for it..  so far i have MAME, Sega Megadrive, ZX Sepctrum, and even PS1 AND PS2 emulators for my PC ..  my PC barely runs the PS2 emulator, but heck..  IT RUNS !!! 

not only that, but the controllers on the Wii ( via bluetooth drivers found on Google ! )  can be used on a PC,   PS2  AND PS3 controllers can all be used ..   its bloomin ridiculous..   

people are splashing out hundreds of pounds on games consoles every minute, hoping to release their boredom, only to find that they sell them and go back to a good old PC... 

sure the PS3 can play blu-ray,  it can stream movies from my PC, it can play music, show photos, has good USB functionality, even USB printer support, has Wifi, Ethernet,  High Definition picture etc..    NOTHING that a PC can do, and probably better.. and for what.. all to try and get the same functionality as what a PC does..

my PC isnt even modern..   2GHZ CPU, 2GB Memory,  XFX Nvidia FX5200 256MB GFX,  500GB HDD,  XP SP2 ..  a simple affair, yet it ran Tomb Raider Anniversary flawlessly...  i built it myself in 2003 and its a very simple affair, but ive done BILLIONS of things with it.. 

in Conclusion,  i may even SELL the playstation 3, which has once again started to become boring for me.  yes..  there.. ive said it, its BORING..

in the words of Jonny Rotten .. "  ever get the feeling youve been cheated ? "       Stick with a good PC, and youll NEVER go wrong..





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