The Great Yankee Candle Postage Rip Off!

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Have you noticed that people selling yankee candles on ebay have two auctions running at the same time? auction for the candle itself,and the other is a mass sellers auction on who charges the most on postage!!!...the average postage price for one yankee candle is SIX POUNDS...a yankee candle weighing 22oz or 623g costs a maximum of £3 to post first class NOT 2nd!!!

When is ebay going to capp the postage overcharging on ebay,considdering postage isnt taken into account in any final value fee.WAKE UP EBAY-you are being conned!!!.....Buyers need to be able to report postage overcharging on the auction page itself,and if the postage is too extreme,the listing should be removed straight away.

Ive just bought two yankee candles on ebay,i messaged the seller to ask about combining postage on items i bought(the postage on one yankee candle was £6.95),but i got no reply....items arrived this morning(packed together)......i paid £13.90 postage,and the seller paid £6.85 to post them!!!...ive just probably bought that seller a freakin cd or summat by being ripped on postage!!!!

Now your probably thinking,why is this person moaning? (well i bet all the sellers out there are lol),but thats the thing you see-im an ebay seller too....when i sell something,as long as the postage is covered i dont care-ebay is supposed to be fun-a laugh-not something where people are obsessed with making 20p profit on postage.I have this vision of people throwing their arms in the air upon leaving the post office,shouting YIPPEEEEE i made 20p!,ultimately wetting themselves at the prospect of making another 20p tomorrow,by ripping people off on postage on ebay!

Lastly...what can we do to combat this problem? can we(as buyers) help these poor individuals that feel the need to make 20p or so? we need a nation of arm waving money grubbers leaving our post offices of a morning?...i think  not!....the remedy?......DONT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE.....nevermind how much you desire or need this item-dont buy it....message them and ask about lowering or combining postage-if you get no reply-MOVE ON...use the search bar to find another-there will be one somewhere.....remember that patience is a virtue,and a little more time will save you a lot more on postage!!!!.....and if you have the time-go to the bottom of the auction page,left hand side-click the "report this listing" button,and DO IT! them for overcharging on postage!!!

Im off now to look for some more yankee candles with FAIR postage!!!!......byeeeeeeeee!

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