The Guide To Match Attax

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Hi to all you parents out there

this guide will explain pretty much everything you need to know about match attax

First in 2007 at the start of September a new trading card game was released by Topps

Called Match Attax (originally called Shoot Out)

As soo as my son saw it advertised on the tv he wanted to collect them

I  let him

First of all i brought him a folder which cost me just under a fiver!!

Then i spent hundreds upon hundreds of pound buying him those base card packets

Then he asked me to buy him a collecters tin at first i said no but he convinced to buy him one

the tin cost me £13.00 out of Toys r Us

Overalll i have spent over £150 pounds on Match Attax

Then in march 2008 Topps annocunced that they were going to release another trading card game called Match Attax Extra

(originally called Shoot Out Squad Update)

Now topps are going release another folder

More collecters tins

More base card packets

and even a Match Attax carry bag

i will be writing all the players down in my next guide

they will be called:
Match Attax Players

Match Attax Man of the Macthes

Match Attax Limited Editions

Match Attax EXTRA Players

Match Attax EXTRA Man of the Matches,Club Captains,Hat-Trick Heroes and Player of the Months

Match Attax EXTRA Limited Editions


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