The Healing Qualities of Jasper - The Nurturing Crystal.

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Jasper is a common crystal that is found worldwide. It can be found in a variety of colours (green, blue, yellow, red and brown) and is often patterned. Although there is much variety in this crystal all types of Jasper share the attribute of being nurturing crystals. They offer support in times of stress, help us to help others and allow us to see ourselves in a better light. Each individual type of Jasper nurtures in its own way as follows:

Blue Jasper - helps make connections to the spirit world and assists astral travel.

Green Jasper - assists in overcoming obsessions so that life is more balanced and no one part of life takes over completely.

Purple Jasper - removes contradictions and helps understanding.

Yellow Jasper - protects from psychic attack during spiritual work and astral travel. Can also help you feel better by channeling positive energy towards you. 

Brown or Picture Jasper - is connected to the earth and is said to be Mother Earth speaking to her children. During meditation you may receive messages from the earth and the past that will lead you to be ecologically aware and wanting to help the planet.

Black Jasper or Basanite - brings prophetic dreams and visions during meditation.

Australian Jasper or Mookaite - the Jasper of new experiences. It helps you want to try new things and have the courage to face new experiences. It also helps with decision making.

Red or Brecciated Jasper - often used as a worry bead as it calms emotions and helps overcome problems before they get too big.

Leopard Orbicular Jasper - assists you in listening to your inner voice. Enables you to look at all options clearly without making assumptions about the outcomes. It also increases your sense of self and offers strength to reach your goals.

Ocean  Orbicular Jasper - helps you to love yourself and those around you. It shows how to be responsive to other peoples needs without becoming attached or taking on any negative energy.

Rainforest Jasper - connected to the earth, it helps access knowledge of herbal healing and draws the mind to the benefits of particular plants. It also allows you to accept yourself without thinking you need to change.

Poppy Jasper - has an adrenalin kick that is stimulating on one hand, and a calming essence that calms over activity on the other. It is a crystal of balance, balancing ying and yang and aligning the four bodies within the aura (mental, physical. spiritual and emotional.)

Irai Jasper - is a highly spiritual crystal that assists in making contact with angels, animal totems and spirit guides. It also enhances meditation so that any spirit contact that is made is remembered and better understood after meditation has finished.

As you can see there is much variety within Jasper. When choosing which type of Jasper to buy or work with, let yourself be drawn to a particular type, or if you have a specific reason for using Jasper then choose the type with the qualities best suited to you. All types of Jasper can be cleansed with water and used in combination with each other to get the best from their nurturing powers.
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