The Importance Of Leaving Feedback Here On eBay.

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The Importance Of Leaving Feedback Here On eBay.


I have been using eBay now for around three years and one of the most important things about the whole experience is leaving and receiving feedback. It is very satisfying to hear back from a customer about how they feel about their purchase and everybody likes receiving a compliment don't they? I always leave feedback in every transaction I make and would only expect all who buy from me to do just the same. Occasionally buyers have left negative feedback without even so much as an email detailing their problem, this can be very disappointing and can almost make you feel like ending your selling experience here on eBay. In all cases that problem could have been solved very easily if only some form of communication was entered into, I am only to glad to halp where ever I can......a happy customer is my main aim here on eBay and whatever I can do to make this happen I will usually do. So you see feedback can be the most fulfilling part of eBay or the biggest disappointment depending on whom you are dealing with. I would never leave negative feedback unless the person whom I am dealing with completely refuses to help in any way possible or at the very least be adult and uncondiscending. Indeed negative feedback can lead to some very unpleasant experiences here on eBay. I would suggest to anyone that the last resort always be negative feedback and always try to help your customer first. There isn't a problem in the world that can't be solved with ease and most arguments can be solved if only it is done in an adult understanding way, the army taught me that at the very least. Think before leaving that negative feedback. It might come back to haunt you one day!

Equally leaving postitve feedback is just as important. It lets the buyer or seller know you are happy and can make all the difference to them and future transactions. If you do it in a more persoanl way by perhaps mentioning their name in your feedback remarks it has an even greater effect. A few kind words go a long way.

                                                   Thank you for reading my guide. David Elsworth.

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