The Importance of a Crash Helmet to Safety

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The Importance of a Crash Helmet to Safety

Whatever type of vehicle you ride, from a child's first bicycle to a fast and furious motorbike, a crash helmet is the most vital piece of equipment to your safety. A crash helmet limits the risk of you suffering serious or potentially fatal head injuries by absorbing high levels of shock from the impact. Knowing just how important a crash helmet is to your safety encourages you to purchase one that fits your head and your style, and to wear it, without fail, every time you ride.


The Importance of a Crash Helmet for Reducing Head Injuries

The outer shell has a thermoplastic or fibre-reinforced composite construction. In the event of an impact, this shell compresses. This compressing action disperses the force of the impact, spreading it out through the shell of the helmet and deadening some of the impact force across the compression line, therefore reducing the force significantly before it connects with your head. The impact-absorbing liner sits beneath the outer shell and against the comfort padding that sits around your head. This liner, with an expanded polystyrene construction, cushions your head and acts as a high-density shock absorber. This limits the force of the impact from the outside, but also lessens the impact of the force of your head connecting with the shell, as the helmet stops moving but your head tries to continue. This lining also compresses in the event of an impact, ensuring you receive the least amount of force to your head and brain. In high-impact accidents, many helmets delaminate or crack, reducing force by cracking along stress or impact lines. Wearing a crash helmet limits the force of an impact to your head, protecting your bones and your brain, reducing the severity of any injury, and limiting the risk of brain damage and death.


The Importance of a Crash Helmet for Reducing Spinal Injuries

Despite the dangerous myth that the weight of a crash helmet increases the risk of neck injury, studies show that using a crash helmet actually reduces the severity of, or the chance of sustaining a serious spinal injury. By deadening the force and absorbing the shock of an impact, a safety helmet reduces the force with which your head and neck move or whip back and forth during a crash, significantly reducing the risk of you sustaining a serious neck injury.


The Importance of a Full-face Crash Helmet to Safety

Full-face helmets are a good choice for motorcyclists, as they protect the riders from flying debris, from insects to litter, whereby helping bike riders maintain concentration on the road, reducing the chance of accidents. Additionally, in the event of an accident, a full-face crash helmet protects your face from injuries.

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