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I have been online for quite a few years now and love it almost

feel like i am addicted because i am on here so much.!
For me i just love the way you can find out anything and everything it is all there you want to shop  buy/sell ,,fix,the list is endless ....

have a problem/quiz/games/music/have an opinion/ask an opinion its 
just a fingertip away there is nothing not on here.
Sometimes it amazes me even after all these years.I find it a shame though when people you talk to sometimes think its limited to Facebook (although i realise Facebook is fantastic and a cheap/easy way of keeping in touch) its great for me as i never did seem to write that letter or do that phone call before it and now i do as its a five minute job by email.Then i enter competitions sometimes they usually consist of name/address.
Sometimes i send an email off to complain or to praise and its something i never would have done if i had to do it any other way i am way to lazy or have good intentions.
Of course  you can compare prices for everything including electric/gas/water items
ipads/tablets etc although i always bear in mind you should check otherwise as some sites do not list all the companys but at least it gives you an idea on how much, then there are the sites you sign up go via and get cashback takes a few seconds but definetly well worth it.
I collect vouchers/coupons and go to sites that give me items to try and also give me moneyoff to give to friends/family and just give feedback its great fun and i enjoy the fact my opinion could make a difference to how its viewed the only down side is i usually end up buying more of something i tried still a win win situ i think for all.

The down side is of course you have to be wary if it sounds to good to be true it proberly is i feel for some people who bid on a listing on Ebay and its only the box i have seen this only recently and you do always stand a risk of your card getting duplicated (its happened to me once)and when i searched i realised lots of other people had the same thing happen on one particular site so i now avoid it.
One of my faverites is when there is a glitch or something really cheap i guess because its end of line or something sometimes i have been known to drive a few miles to try to find that one item but its fun and why not if i have found it its a great buzz.
I look online for the weather everyday check news as i like to know whats going on in the world (there was a huge thing happen years ago and i had no idea) !
So abit of insight of my life hope its not to boring.

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