The Jabra SP5050 - is it any good?

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Well, I was looking for a Bluetooth hands-free that would not be visible (i.e. stolen!) from the wife's car, while being very simple to use.

We like simple technology - features and functions are great, WHEN you want them, the rest of the time they drive you bonkers!
While I'm driving I don't want my phones menus and functionality, just to take clear voice calls and make them; as safely and legally as possible.

The Jabra SP5050 hands-free Bluetooth, just works! Out of the box it's simple - you don't need to buy anything else (except a mobile phone...), it has a car charger and it's that simple.
If you see a review of this machine anywhere, they all glow about the ease, simplicity and clarity.

I was considering getting the wife one that recognises voice commands - but this is for the wife at 85MPH; so I wanted it as simple as possible and to just work.

So why am I impressed:
-No installation required.
-Simple to use
-Long battery Life
-Switches off, if not paired with a phone for 15 mins
-No need to connect to a computer - just use it.
-Takes less than 30 seconds to change the phone - so I can use it too!
-Can be put in the car/removed in less than 10 secs - take it on holiday.
-Small and compact.

No, I don't work for Jabra!
But I do beleive in singing the praises of great usable products - which is becoming a rarity.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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