The Key Attributes To Look for When Buying a Subwoofer

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The Key Attributes To Look for When Buying a Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a type of speaker that reads bass and other low-frequency sounds. If a consumer is setting up a home theatre system or surround sound stereo system, it is an invaluable part of that set up. It can add excitement to any home sound system. Subwoofers can range in power, size, cost, and wattage, so there is a perfect subwoofer for every home no matter how big or small the entertainment space may be. A subwoofer creates a high definition sound that amplifies and enhance any movie watching or music listening experience.

Without the addition of a subwoofer, a consumer may miss some of the sounds, effects, and music in the movie or television show they are watching, because they are produced at a lower range, which most average speakers may not pick up. However with a subwoofer, these sounds come out crystal clear. For consumers that are unfamiliar with what subwoofers have to offer and how to select the right subwoofer for his or her own entertainment system, there are a few things to keep in mind that may influence the buyer’s decision when it comes to purchasing the right subwoofer for the home.

What to Consider Before Buying a Subwoofer

Before buying a subwoofer, the consumer should consider the home entertainment system that he or she owns and which subwoofers would be compatible with that system. Also, a big determining factor of buying a subwoofer is size. A small room does not necessitate a large subwoofer, and a larger space needs a bigger subwoofer for the best sound output. Budget may be a considering factor as well. Some subwoofers can vary in price and some can be fairly costly, but a good subwoofer should last for years and brings buyers audio enjoyment.

Key Features to Look For in a Subwoofer

Before consumers make the decision to buy a subwoofer, there are things that need to be factored into the buying choices. A buyer needs to familiarise his or herself with the key features of subwoofers so that they may make an informed purchase. There are a few things to consider so the best subwoofer can be bought for the consumer’s individual needs, room size, and budget.


Subwoofers range in size, from cube shaped speakers that are compact and only 8, 10, or 12 inches, to bigger, more rectangular shaped speakers that can be up to 18 inches and provide a more rich sound for a larger room. The size of the subwoofer purchased should directly correlate to the room. These days, small, compact subwoofers can be very powerful, and they are small enough to fit in just about any corner of the room.

There is no exact spot that a subwoofer has to be placed, they can be put anywhere the buyer feels increases the sound and enhances it to their liking. Select a subwoofer that fits comfortably into one’s home without being blocked by any furniture. Most subwoofers can discretely sit in a corner without even being noticed. Think about it in these terms: a small subwoofer can provide output for a small room without any issues, but a small subwoofer is not be able to fill the room with a large sound capacity in a large room.

For this reason, a large subwoofer should be purchased for a much larger room. This ensures the buyer gets the maximum effect from the subwoofer to provide the necessary sound output to make it a worthwhile investment.


The wattage of the subwoofer tells the consumer how much power it puts out, or what the sound output is. A common wattage for most home subwoofers is 100 to 150 watts of power. This is typical for a small to medium sized room. For buyers that need a larger subwoofer, the power might be up to 250 watts, but the consumer should really not purchase a subwoofer for the home that has wattage over 250, because it may end up shaking the home or disturbing neighbours.

For home sound purposes, 250 watts is perfect. The watts determine how much the sound is amplified in the room, so it needs to correspond to how large the room is in order to receive the best results.


Crossover is a term that tells the consumer what the frequency range of the subwoofer is. Crossover can be adjusted to include either more bass or more treble sounds, but most subwoofers for the home offer a crossover of roughly 90-100 Hz, which is normal and what it should be. A smaller subwoofer may have a crossover of 35 Hz, and a large one may offer 150 or higher Hz.

Typically between 80 and 100 Hz is considered optimal for most home theatre and stereo systems, because anything less than that can provide interference and feedback which distort the sound. A high crossover does not necessarily mean a better subwoofer or more quality sound. The lower numbers mean that sound can be optimised best for higher volume.

Bass Reflex/Acoustic Suspension

Bass reflex subwoofers and acoustic suspension subwoofers are two different types of speakers. Bass reflex simply means that the subwoofer is a bit more power efficient due to the fact that it offers an enclosure and port that extends the bass sounds. An acoustic suspension subwoofer uses a sealed box, which creates a tighter sound but it may be less powerful. A consumer looking for the most powerful bass sound in a subwoofer may want to stick with a bass reflex model.

The deep, rich bass sounds that most consumers are looking for when they search for the perfect subwoofer typically come from a bass reflex subwoofer. Bass reflex also works in harmony with the air in the room to produce the most efficient sounds. Bass reflex is the most common and popular type of subwoofers that most buyers see when they are shopping for a subwoofer for their home theatre. The sounds are less distorted than an acoustic suspension subwoofer, but an acoustic suspension speaker produces tighter sounds so it is a matter of personal taste for the consumer looking for the perfect sound.

Speaker Firing Options

Subwoofers come in a couple of different types. There are subwoofers that have front-firing speakers, which means that the sound typically radiates from the front and sides of the subwoofer. Down-firing speakers mean that the sound radiates from the bottom of the speaker, and rises up to the listener. This can be quite powerful, and may not be a wise bet for consumers that live above neighbours.

If the buyer does not have to worry about neighbours, a down-firing speaker is the probable better bet in terms of sound production, simply because the sound travels without interruption in terms of furniture or people being in the way which could alter sounds by the time they get to the listener. Some subwoofers come with double speakers and some with only one speaker, but one speaker is usually fine as long as the subwoofer has other desired features that suit the buyer’s needs.


Buyers that want an inexpensive subwoofer may end up with a lower quality speaker. Subwoofers are an investment, and they are not often cheap. Buying a reasonably priced subwoofer on eBay is a great way to get a good deal, but looking for the cheapest subwoofer without considering quality may not end well for the buyer. Consider the quality, features, brand, and size of the subwoofer before shopping so an adequate budget can be set that allows the consumer to get the perfect subwoofer that offers all of the features to ensure a wonderful home listening experience.

How to Buy a Subwoofer on eBay

Purchasing a subwoofer speaker on eBay is a great way to get an affordable speaker that includes all of the features you want and need. Amplify your movies, video games, music, and favourite television shows with the aid of a subwoofer speaker. Search subwoofer to see what choices come up, and narrow your selection based on brand or whether you’d like a new or used speaker. If you’re setting up a home theatre system, consider purchasing surround sound speakers too, to further enhance your home audio experience. Buy subwoofers from merchants that are Top-Rated Sellers with lots of great feedback, and check to see what comes with the subwoofer, such as cables, wires, and other helpful installation items.

Perhaps the seller can bundle these items together with your subwoofer for an altogether low shipping cost while still getting you all of the items you need. Ensure the subwoofer is the right size and output, and talk to a local seller about picking up your subwoofer in person so you can alleviate shipping costs and get to know the seller personally. This creates a unique and personal shopping experience that most websites do not offer.


There is nothing more exciting than watching a movie and hearing every sound effect, song, and sentence amplified just like it is being seen in the movie theatre. A subwoofer can add another level of fun and enjoyment to any home sound experience, whether it is watching a movie, listening to music, or playing an intense video game. Subwoofers add that deep, rich, thumping bass sound that everyone loves when watching a great action movie or listening to a rocking song.

Add that pleasure to any game room or family room by adding a subwoofer to the home entertainment system. A subwoofer is the most important component of a home theatre system, and can even be used alone or with the addition of surround sound speakers for an all-encompassing experience that makes consumers feel like they are literally inside the movie. Do not pass up the chance to have this experience; purchase an affordable, high quality subwoofer on eBay to add to your home theatre system or stereo system and get the most out of music and movies.

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