The Key Features to Look for When Purchasing a TV Remote Control

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The Key Features to Look for When Purchasing a TV Remote Control

No one knows how it happens, but many people have experienced it; one day the television remote control is there, and the next day it is nowhere to be found. After endless searching both high and low for the remote control, it is time to give up and realise that a new one needs to be purchased. Another reason that a TV remote control may need to be purchased is that a user has three different remote controls to control a TV, radio, and DVD player, and it would be more convenient to control all three electronics with one remote. A TV remote control is used to operate a TV from a short distance, usually within sight of it.

TV remote controls can be purchased at electronic shops, some department stores, and at the online auction website, eBay. The layout of a typical TV remote control consists of a power button, a series of buttons to control other devices, channel and volume buttons sometimes indicated by arrows, and a numeric keypad. The key features to consider when shopping for a TV remote control include the model and manufacturer of the television, design, and comfortability.

TV Model and Manufacturer

It is imperative that a buyer knows the model and manufacturer of the TV in order to purchase a remote control that is compatible with the TV. If the buyer has the old remote control in his or her possession, then locating the model number on the remote is a simple task. First, look at the exterior of the TV remote control, if the model number is not visible, then look on the back and remove the batteries, oftentimes the model number is located under the remote control’s batteries. Another place the model number can be found is in the manual that came with the TV when it was purchased.

If a buyer has mysteriously lost the TV remote control, and the TV was purchased years ago so the manual is nowhere to be found, there is still hope for figuring out the model number for the TV remote control. Simply, all that a buyer has to do is call the manufacturer and describe the TV and the remote control, and customer service should be able to provide a model number. The manufacturer is clearly listed on the bottom of most TVs.

Universal Remote Control

A universal remote control is a remote control that can be programmed to operate with various brands of TVs. In addition to working with multiple TVs, the universal remote can be programmed to operate with various types of electronic devices, such as DVD players, Blu-Ray players, or surround sound systems. There are more advanced universal remote controls, such as a touch screen remote that allows for additional programming. The universal remote control design element includes a power button and a number of buttons, including: TV, VCR, DVD, CBL/SAT, and DVR to distinguish which device the remote is controlling at one time. Some universal remotes can control four different devices, while others can control as many as 20, varying in price and quality. In addition to touch screen remotes, smartphones and tablets can now be programmed and used as a universal remote. A sophisticated universal TV remote control may take time for a buyer and users to become acquainted with so make sure to have patience.

Design and Comfortability

The size of universal remotes and their button sizes vary from small to large. The length, width, and weight all need to be considered when purchasing a TV remote control. These factors need to be taken into consideration because the user normally sits with the remote control in their hand while flipping through channels deciding what to watch; therefore, the remote should not be too heavy, too light, too big, or too small.

An additional factor to consider is who uses the TV remote control the majority of the time. If those living in the buyer’s home have poor eyesight or poor finger dexterity, the buyer may want to consider purchasing a remote with larger buttons and labels. Generally, these larger remotes with big buttons are pretty basic. TV remote controls that are of higher quality typically have smaller buttons because of all of the different functions of which it is capable.

Another feature that is prevalent on most TV remote controls is the backlighting that allows a user to operate the controller at night. Some TV remote controls come with an on and off switch for the backlight of the remote control, which prevents the batteries from dying if the light is not needed.

Ease of Use

If the buyer is looking to replace his or her old remote, look for a TV remote control with the same amount of buttons and read the specifications to decide if it can complete the same functions. Buying a replacement TV remote control made by the same name brand as the previous one ensures that a buyer has a better chance of quickly understanding how it works.

The universal remote appears to be a great way to declutter a living room from four separate remotes that are currently being used to operate electronic devices. Although some consumers may not be as tech savvy as others, so it is important that a buyer completes the needed research and has a good understanding of how a universal remote works. Before purchasing a universal TV remote control, the buyer must make sure that the remote is compatible with the other electronic devices. It is recommended that the setup system is easy to configure and helps make life easier for the user. In order to determine if the setup system is easy to configure, read reviews online from past customers.

Other TV Remote Control Considerations

Universal TV remote controls that are more advanced include options, such as adding favourite channels, touch screens, and battery life indicators.

Most TV remote controls do not come with batteries, so it is recommended to purchase batteries as well. The majority of TV remote controls require AA batteries, but it is advised to refer to the TV remote control’s manual to double-check the battery size. Another suggestion would be to consider purchasing rechargeable batteries so that the consumer does not have to continually buy batteries when they die.

How to Buy a TV Remote Control on eBay

Now that the buyer is aware of the key features to consider, as well as which types of TV remote controls are available, it is time for the shopping to begin. The online auction site, eBay, offers thousands of options when it comes to selecting a TV remote control that is ideal for each consumer’s different wants and needs.

To start, the buyer can begin with a keyword search to find a specific type of TV remote control for which he or she is looking. The easiest way to search for a TV remote control is to perform a keyword search. Luckily, there is a search box that can be found on every eBay page. In the search box, type in specific keywords, such as “TV remote control”. If a buyer would like to peruse through a smaller product listing, then he or she just has to enter more specific keywords, such as “universal remote control”, and the list becomes much more targeted.

Evaluating Sellers

A seller’s eBay history includes all feedback ratings from buyers within the last 12 months. A seller’s profile page also allows the buyer to observe comments left by previous buyers, and to see which items were purchased from the seller. Reading positive feedback provides confidence for a buyer when purchasing a TV remote control.


There are many features to take into consideration when purchasing a TV remote control, including: the TV’s model and manufacturer and universal remotes, specifically their design, comfortability, and ease of use. When evaluating these factors, each buyer should keep in mind the main reason for his or her purchase of a TV remote control. Ultimately, the type of TV remote purchased is the buyer’s personal preference. Once the model number for a TV remote control has been determined, the buyer can begin researching the different types of TV remote controls and focus on his or her own particular preference. For example, if a buyer simply wants a replacement TV remote to turn the TV on and off, then a lower-quality remote with less attributes can be purchased. On the other hand, if a buyer is looking to use a universal remote control for a TV, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, surround sound system, and as a light switch, then it is recommended to purchase a higher-quality remote control. Most likely, the higher-quality remote is more expensive because it includes additional features, such as touch screen and the ability to programme favourite channels. Luckily, eBay offers a wide variety of TV remote control options to meet the needs of each and every buyer.

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