The Latest Scam Beware ! - Indonesian Credit Card Scam!

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Indonesian Credit Card Scam

This is one of the latest scams floating around ebay. Essentially the victim is offerred a deal they thinks they would be stupid to refuse, when the truth is they would be stupid not to refuse it.

The seller is usually contacted by email and the basic scam line goes something like this:

    "I have been searching for days for the item you are selling. Right now I would like to purchase it directly from you for a price stupidly above what it is worth. If you do this for me I will also give you a commission of a ridiculous amount of money. However I can only pay you directly with my credit card, and I need you to process the credit card for me".

    Now here's the scam; the credit card they want the seller to process is likely stolen, fake, etc. However in most cases when the seller attempts to process it themselves (as the buyer has requested) the credit card is APPROVED.

    The seller is able to successfully charge the credit card for the ridiculously high amount of money that the buyer offerred to pay, as well as the ridiculously high commision" or "bonus" that the buyer told the seller to add on.

    Since the seller believes he has his money, he proceeds by sending the item to the buyer at the address the buyer has indicated.

    A week or so later when the package arrives safely at its destination, the seller assumes that the transaction was successful and moves on to his other sales.

    The problem only comes a month or so later when the person who's card was stolen (the card the seller processed), initiates a chargeback. The large amount the seller processed to the card is quickly taken away from him and there is virtually nothing he can do about it.

    The seller is now left with some hefty chargeback costs ($15-$25, plus value of item), not to mention, he has already shipped the item to some foreign country and has no way to get it back. Furthermore the seller will most likely be investigated for credit card fraud, since he is guilty of processing a stolen credit card.

    What do you think is going to happen when the seller trys to explain to a credit card fraud investigator why he was charging a stolen credit card $1000 for an item worth only $20-$50???

    PLEASE READ: It appears that the scammers are the only people who are not finding this guide helpful. This scam is effecting 100's of people daily. Please vote "Yes" for this guide below to help others from getting scammed and making the Ebay community even better!


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