The Merits of Children Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

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Once a child reaches middle school, the school will often offer orchestra or band as an elective class.  While it does cost money to rent the instrument, the benefits of learning to play far outweigh the expense. If your child has decided that he wants to enroll in a band or orchestra, the next step is picking the instrument.  What are your options when it comes to paying for the instrument?  If your child isn’t particularly driven or musically inclined, why would you want to encourage him to play an instrument?

I remember when I started to learn to play an instrument. My first choice was a “TROMBONE”. It was either learn to play OR go to PE / ATHLETICS!!!! BrRRRR. NOWAY. I chose to join the school band. This actually lead to open many doors that really shaped my future. I moved on to playing keyboards, formed a band and then I eventually became a full time professional musician well into my 30s.

Picking an Instrument

The best way to pick an instrument is to try them all out.  If your child is small for his age, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for him to take up playing the tuba or bass.

Affording the Instrument

You may be wondering how in the world you are going to afford an instrument.  Well, in the beginning you won’t have to buy an instrument.  You could start with a keyboard if your child would like to learn to play the piano.  If your child wants to learn to play the violin, then you might consider renting an instrument because the size of the instrument changes as the child grows.  Take a look at these six blog entries and learn some of the options for affording an instrument.

Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Why should your child play an instrument?  By playing an instrument a child can learn to multi-task and to be more responsible. As your child becomes better at playing his instrument he will become more confident in other aspects of his life too.  Playing an instrument as a hobby can be an excellent stress reducing activity that could stay with him his entire life.

As time passes, you will soon realise if your budding superstar is interested or not. Then you will know if its worth investing any further.

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