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New mini08 Series For 2017 by memorymonster

mini0805p-SuperHD-1296P-Car-DashCamera-Cam-DVR-GPS-Logger-LDWS-UK-STOCK-BEST-CAM We are extremely excited to be one of the first UK stockists to offer the new mini08 series. The mini08 series has been by far one of the best and most stable alternatives to the big brands like Nextbase, Blackvue and Garmin. With comparable features and a lower price tag, its the sensible choice for those who take road safety seriously.
Unboxing the new mini0805p
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Unboxing the new mini0805p

Unboxing the new mini0805p

In this Youtube video, watch as the mini0805p is opened and unboxed. This shows you what to expect in your mini08 box. We must say that the packaging imporvements from the previous series has been well recieved. The box now compliments the this high tech device.


The new mini0805p comes with a GPS logger base unit. This unit is fixed within the car and the camera slides in easily to begin recording. The base itself has a micro USB port so both base unit and camera can be powered. No need to remove the base when you leave the car. Simply slide the camera out and you're all done.
Once you have your footage, especially if there has been an accident, you will want to review and potentially make copies for your insurer or the police. There are numerous free applications available that allow you to review, take snap shots and even edit clips together before creating a file that can be easily shared.
I found it fascinating reviewing the footage and watching my little car picture move across in sync with the footage being displayed. Definitely one of those 'wow' moments that any tech geek looks forward to.
The other feature that still puts a smile on my face is the velocity and G Force sensors. these appear on the viewer software as graphs detailing the forces that the camera was subjected to during the journey. So not only see your speed of travel but also how fast you accelarated, slowed down and any sudden movements. This is pricesless data in the event of an accident allowing you to prove that on the run up to said accident your driving was impecable. Wow wow wow!

New mini08 Processor

The mini08 range historically has been powered by Ambarella processors. With the new range of mini08 cams comes a new processor said to be more stable and durable in the long term. Having used this new camera consistently for the past month I can safely say the new chipset is an improvement.
The new processor chips are made following the merger of AIT and Mstar. Both companies have a long history of camera processors for smart TVs and high definition video communications like skype video conferencing, multimedia processors for digital video recorders, car DV and personal media players and high-end ISP for smart phones.
The processor is called MSC8328P or AIT8328P. Both are names for the same chipset.

Memory for your dash cam

The new mini0805p can support up to 64GB of memory via it's dedicated microSd card slot. However the camera has the LOOP RECORD function meaning that any data that is not important/locked will be recorded over. This allows you to operate a lower capacity memory card and still keep records of any significant events. There have been no suggestion as to which class of card would be best suited. However upon testing we reccomend a Class10 UHS1 card to ensure the memory card can keep up with the pace at which large files are being created.  We offer the perfect card for every HD dash cam. Click HERE to view.


All ports are easy to access so playback and installation is made easy. With a removeable GPS base unit it's even easier to remove your camera at night if you so choose. The unit has a HDMI port for playback directly onto your TV or monitor. The unit also has a micro USB port for charging and file transfers and a line port for the rear camera.

Footage from a test drive
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Footage from a test drive

mini0805p Footage

This footage gives you a great example of the picture quality and road coverage from the front facing camera.

LDWS or Lane Departure Warning System

The newest and most exciting feature is the lane departure warning system. Thos of you who own the later model Mercedes will have already benefited from this feature. An absolute must for those who spend long periods behind the wheel. If the camera detects that the car is drifting out of lane it will make a warning sound to alert the driver.

Unbox, Setup & Go

We ship you everything you need to get going with the new mini0805p. Eery camera comes with the hard wire kit. This allows you to link the camera to the cars battery. Provided the camera is in the base, once the engine is turned on recording will commence straight away.
You'll also recieve cleaning cloths, sticky pads, adjuster blocks, microUSB cable and microUSB car charging cable.

Basic Features of the mini0805p

• Chipset: Mstar (AIT)
• Resolution: 2304*1296 30fps 1920*1080 30fps 1920*1080 30fps HDR 1280*720 30fps 1280*720 60fps
• Support parking guard (with hardwire kit, optional)
• Sensor: OV
• Display:1.5" LCD
• Video Codec: H.264
• Memory card: micro SD card up to 64GB
• Port:USB2.0/HDMI
• G-sensor:Support
• Support GPS trace logging
• Motion detection recording functions
• Support real time & date display on video
• SOS manual file protection
• Built-in microphone / speaker
• Built-in super capacitor
• 3M bracket
• support front and rear camera, dual lens is optional
1 x mini0805p dash cam (+ fixtures and cloth)
1 x USB
1 x In Car Charger
1 x Hard Wire Kit

Our Veridct

Having tested this unit for over 2 months we have found it to be more stable than the previous versions. We suffered no crashes and did not need to reboot the unit once throughout the whole test period.
There are some function that should be expected from a dash cam these days and the mini0805p has all of those features and some. Now when you compare this device to it's competitors you'll find that it matches or out performs them in many areas. And you get all of that for a cheaper price tag. Sometimes you are literally paying a premium for a brand name. If you're shopping on eBay then I can safely assume you are a bargain hunter and as such, your search need not go any further. This is a BARGAIN at £65 compared to Nextbase at over £120, Blackvue at over £150 and Garmin also in the £120 price bracket.


  Click on the picture to order your mini0805p dash cam. Order before 3pm Monday to Friday for Same Day Dispatch. Upgrade your postage to Special Delivery for guaranteed delivery before 1pm the next working day.
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