The New Employment Law And How To Avoid It.

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This new employment Law due to take effect on Sunday the 1st. October, can be ignored completely , if you choose to Abandon Direct Taxation as I have suggested.

It is being said in the Press, that the cost of implementing this piece of nonsense will be in the region of £50 Billion. Thats going to be some set back for Industry and all other Businesses. This lot at Westminster and Whitehall haven't got a clue.But never mind, when the sediment hit the fan, most of them hope to be long gone with their Gold Plated Pensions.

Well, it's in your hands, you have the Power. You have the Money. And You can put a stop to it all tomorrow Just let me know when you are ready for a change, leave some "Feed Back".

Regards, ATF. (flynn366)

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