The One and Only Complete CECT i9 Cell Phone Review

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For almost 1 year, the CECT i9 has been one of most popular phones on eBay. It is very user friendly, has several embraced bonus features, and not so costly. It is the most recent update by the manufacturers that has been rolling out improvements and upgrades to the well received model i68. Trustinboxuk prepared this article to review i9's features, performance, and price so hopefully it can provide some guidance when you are shopping for similar headsets.

Standard Popular Features: The i9 phone has everything the previous models i68/i68+ had and more. It is often thought of as "the best of both worlds" among the headsets because it combines the standard popular features of many of the mainstream models with a few of the novelty features that are also gaining ground. As with most all of the previous models, this one allows: web browsing; texting and email; full SMS, MMS, and WAP capabilities; MP3/MP4; Bluetooth; a built in digital camera / web cam and an FM radio. So, this is where this phone is the same, but here is where it is different.

Dual Sim Active: Like the previous models i68, i68+ or P168, this one allows you to have two phone numbers or networks on one phone. However, unlike most - many of these phones sold under the name i9 allow for both sim cards to be active and online at once without needing to switch back and forth between the two.

Shake And Tilt Control AKA Swing To The Music: This means that you can advance music, media, wall papers, etc. by only shaking the phone. You don't have to look down or scroll. Likewise, the images on the phone will always right themselves no matter which way you turn or tilt the phone. Images go from portrait to landscape depending on which way you are holding or turning it.

Java: i9 supports JAVA perfectly. Software like MSN, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook Express gives this cell phone so many more productivity and gaming possibilities.

Smaller, Sleeker Size: The i9 is smaller and sleeker than previous models, is dwarfed by a dollar bill, and will easily fit into a small pocket. It weighs only 95 grams with the dimensions of 110 x 60 x 11.5 mm.

More Memory: The 9 can hold up to 8GB of memory (although it's more common to see them with 4GB). This is huge in trustinboxuk's opinion because it ensures the phone is fast to function and download and you don't have to worry about it getting bogged down when you download songs, video and information.

Performance: We really like this phone. It performs very well and feels like a solid, high quality gadget. Since it now has JAVA, dual sim active, and more memory, it covers almost everything you could want in a phone. The slightly size does make it a bit slower to compose txt documents if you have large fingers, but I still prefer a lighter weight, sleeker model and feel this is a fair trade off.

Pricing: This CECT smart phone's RRP is £115 in the U.K., depending on how much memory is included. This is a bit more than some of the older models, obviously, but with all of the upgrades, it is more than worth it.

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