The Orb Factory Sticky Mosiacs

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The Orb Factory Sticky Mosiacs -Butterflies Version
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The Orb Factory Sticky Mosiacs -Butterflies Version

I am writing this guide about the Orb Factory 'Butterflies' Sticky Mosaics set, as this is the one I purchased, but there are lots of variations to this to suit both girls and boys (see the link on the image).

I bought the Mosaic Butterflies set for my 6 year old daughter's Birthday as she loves to make and create things and this seemed an ideal and unique craft idea which she would love.

The pack comes with different shaped butterflies, all marked up, with a crib sheet that matches the numbers to the jewels.  It is then basically like painting with numbers, except of course you're putting jewels on in a specific pattern.  No glue is required or involved as (and as the name suggests) the jewels are 'sticky'.  The amount of stickiness is just right, as they won't come off once they have adhered to the butterfly - be warned - the first placement needs to be pretty accurate!

From a parent's point of view I think it is a worthwhile present, it takes some time to complete, but not too long that your child will get bored, and it is easy to see the progress your child is making, which inspires them to continue to finish.  They can put down and pick up the mosaic at any time as you follow your own pattern/choice of jewels to use so there is no confusion at all.

My daughter's verdict is that she loves it; she has started one butterfly and at the moment keeps going back for more.  She has already decided what the next one will be and loves sorting out the jewels and doing them in different orders.  It's also a nice idea to have included hanging stickers for each of the butterflies for when they are finished, so they can be wall hung quite easily.  I think it's great for the 5-8 year old age range, and helps them to develop their fine motor skills. I thought it was a little bit pricey for what it is (it is after all just card and plastic) but they are a good quality, the glue sticks well (none have come off yet) and so far it has provided lots of fun for my daughter, rainy days or not!

  • It doesn't make a mess!
  • Simple but challenging
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Good quality materials

  • A little pricey

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