The Packaging,Posting,Pricing,Payment & paypal GUIDE!

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Heya...A few tips for sellers...Hope it helps x

  • Always retain proof of postage from the post office (with post office stamp and intials)
  • A cheaper way of packaging goods is by using brown packaging paper and selotape instead of ready-made envolope
  • If possible, post items from one of the more modern post offices as the scales are more up-to-date so they won't charge you more then needed
  • Be polite, leave feedback and then with a bit of luck you will recieve some too
  • When using photographs, use word to group together photos so its not so costly for smaller items, for bigger items such as cars, use the multiple photograph facility
  • Clearly state in description and on invoice when the payment has to be recieved by (eg: 7 days within the auction ending)
  • Remember there are varying starting fees, consider these when you price your item. Why start an item at £5 when £4.99 would lower the starting fee?
  • If anything is wrong with the item, eg: holes, stains then be sure to include details in the description, saves confusion later on, most importantly...NEVER LIE
  • Don't write too much on the description page, puts buyers of if they have to read it all, especially small print
  • I personally find that bullet points are easier to read rather than a big block of writing
  • Remember you can always write out your description in word and then paste it
  • ALWAYS look up similar items to the one you are about to sell for ideas on prices, description and title
  • Consider when the auction/ sale is going to end. Between 6-10pm i would say is the prime time for e-bayer surfers to be online, not 4am!! Also i would say, Thurs, Fri and Sat are the most popular nights
  • Look out for e-bays special offers, for example, 5p/10p listing days...what a bargin!
  • NEVER EVER pay for fees through paypal when you have insuffcient funds in your bank account...paypal charge £38 each time this happens (bad personal experience i was charged £152 for this but luckly for me a very kind lady at natwest managed to refund the money for me!)
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