The Perfect Business Model - Selling eBooks on eBay

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Selling eBooks on eBay

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to make money from eBay is by selling eBooks containing information on a variety of "niche market" subjects. What's more, there's no need to spend time and money writing and creating your own books. There are literally thousands of eBooks available for next to nothing (and even free in many cases), offering information on a huge variety of topics, from making money online, recipe books, dog grooming, running an eBay business, dating, decorating a cake, learn another language etc. etc. - many of which are sold with resale rights.

If you're new when it comes to selling an eBook, it's actually not as difficult as you may initially believe it to be. Nor is it or just for the technically minded (if I can do it anyone can!). The reasons for my claim that eBooks are "the perfect business model" are:-

  • You can Sell it Over and Over again without having to do anything once you've set it up
  • No Stock to Hold 
  • No Cashflow Implications 
  • No Shipping Costs nor time wasted queuing at the Post Office. 

When submitting a new title for sale on eBay, these are the steps you need to take:-

  1. Log on to (not for reasons I'll explain in a minute).
  2. Go to "Sell" and choose from the category "Everything Else > Information Products > and then from the most suitable option of "How To Guides" followed by a further option or simply just "other" if the book isn't a tutorial.
  3. Once you've written a description, ideally in sales letter format, upload a picture of a suitable book cover. If you don't have one supplied already with the book you're selling, it's easy to create your own using eBook cover software - a variety of which can easily be found on eBay and downloaded, usually for just a couple of pounds.
  4. Between the picture and the description (on only), is the option to list your item as a "digital file or information". Click on this link and tick the box that verifies you have the right to resell the product and hit "agree". By doing so, this will open up additional fields for completing in your listing that wouldn't normally appear.
  5. Always sell at a Fixed Price and accept payment only by Paypal. Once the buyer has paid, you can include a set of instructions as to how they can obtain their new eBook. This will normally entail a thank you message followed by a website address with download instructions. Personally, I use the Ebookshare website which will host your eBook and supply you with a unique URL for each title for as little as £1 a year! It's very easy to upload your PDF to this site (needs to be zipped) and I have found their service to be excellent and very straightforward to use.
  6. Always offer a refund. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous people that will pay and download the book and then ask for a refund regardless of how useful they may have found the book but generally, as long as the information within the eBook is informative and offers value for money, the vast majority will not and you will undoubtedly sell more by offering a money back guarantee (usually within 30 days of purchase).

Without exaggerating, anyone can earn potentially hundreds of pounds per week selling eBooks on eBay, especially those that are prepared to "go the extra mile" and offer something different and not just "follow the herd". For example, it's very easy to buy two eBooks on a similar subject, bundle them together, create a new title and make a unique product without competition (subject to any terms and conditions of resale in the book). You may also want to include links to other websites within your eBook, these sites could be either your own which could potentially lead to further sales for you or may be affiliate links to other relevant sites for the subject matter where sales will result in affiliate commissions.

A good example of this can be found within our product on playing Texas Hold 'Em Poker (which can be found in the eBook Category of the MagicMarkets Store at ). This book offers the reader lots of information on how to play Texas Hold 'Em but also contains links to play poker online , recommended books (via amazon), poker software, home dealer services and poker equipment - all of which will earn affiliate commissions should the reader click on to these sites and go on to either deposit money or buy something.

As mentioned earlier, using will allow you to automate the sale of each eBook, which from a convenience point of view is fantastic but it does also mean that your product will need to be priced in U.S Dollars. If you'd rather sell your book in your home currency, this is not a problem, it simply means that you will need to "manually" deliver the eBook to the buyer by e-mail (as the digital file option and subsequent download instructions aren't yet available on other eBay sites). The only downside to this is that the buyer may have to wait a few hours before they receive their product, depending on whether you're near your PC at the time of sale which could lead to a frustrated buyer that has paid but has no product.

Regardless of which eBay site you enter the eBook on to, you can assign automation rules via which will ensure that your eBook will automatically relist as soon as it sells, which you will probably wish to utilise. By doing so, you ensure that your eBook is always available and never "out of stock"!

One final word of warning, I strongly recommend against selling any eBooks packed solely with affiliate links and little or no worthwhile information on the advertised subject matter. If you do, this will rightly attract plenty of negative feedback and deter others from buying. It is also tantamount to misrepresentation and may incur legal action! Your eBook should contain genuine information to benefit the buyer without them needing or having to go on to buy something else.

If you have any queries on selling eBooks on eBay or on acquiring resale rights to products that you're interested in, please feel free to contact us via our store at and we'll do our best to answer them.

Thank you for reading this guide and the very best of luck to you with all your eBook ventures!

Kind Regards

Nick Staples                                                                                                                                                                       MagicMarkets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



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