The Power Of PMA

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Some of you might wonder what PMA is, some may already know. PMA  stands for Positive Mental Attitude.

PMA I've found is one of those things that can get you through ANY day, and I really do mean ANY day. Whether you are sick or feeling down, even depressed then this can really get you through it all.

Imagine this, you walk into a room full of people with a really good positive outlook to life, those around you that you speak to then start feeling the same way and they end up being just as joyful as you are, this is the power of PMA. Have you ever been in a situation where you're in a room full of people and then someone walks in as though the whole world is against them, before too long everyone else starts to feel the same doom and gloom as that person does, this is the opposite of PMA and can sometimes be refered to as negative energy. That person is carrying a big dark cloud around with them and passing all of that onto everyone else they meet, this is not good.

All of us as individuals have the power to reverse those effects by the use of PMA. So the next time you feel down, don't just think about the doom and gloom of life, think about the positive things instead, the light at the end of the tunnel.

It's the same with spell work too, it's no good thinking that the spell will never work if it doesn't work straight away, most of them don't. You have to empower them with your own positive energy, life itself is just the same.

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