The Power of Incense

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Mankind has used incense since the dawn of human history. With the discovery of fire, our ancestors would have most likely realised that most materials give off an aroma when burnt.

Aromas produced by burning materials could heighten the senses, both sight and smell. Other benefits ascribed to the burning of incense included the purification of an area, to change a mood (to facilitate meditation or religious practices) and to cleanse and disinfect living spaces, especially after pollution caused by, for instance, death or illness.
I meditate daily and burn incense as part of my routine when meditating.  There are many varieties of incense now available, from creating positive energy for all-star signs in the zodiac to connecting with your spiritual guide. 
Many areas of our health and relaxation can be positively affected by smell. Incense can help to:
 - cleanse the atmosphere
 - aid calm and reduce anxiety, stress, and fear
 - revitalise, stimulate, and renew energy
 - alleviate insomnia
 - prepare the mind and body for prayer, meditation and contemplation
 - accelerate healing
I now allow the fragrant smoke from incense to cleanse my living space, I find it relaxing as it calms my mind and body.  Using incense as part of my meditation routine creates an ambient atmosphere and I feel it heightens my awareness.
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