The Publishr:Important HDMI Features in Android Tablets

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In 2010, few models of the aPads or MID Tablet PCs came with the HDMI port that allowed users to connect their tablet PCs to a television or a projector.  This made it possible for business executives to use Tablet PCs as a lighter alternative to the notebook as a means to market their products and services to their clientele.  This feature made the Chinese Tablet PCs more popular to business executives and movie lovers prior to the release of the OEM Tablets with Dual Core Processors.

For this reason if you're a movie buff, business executive or a gamer you'll love Tablet PCs with HDMI support.  However before spending your hard earned pennies there are six important points to consider...

1.  Does the Tablet PC Support 1080p?

The early generation Tablets like the WowPads running Android 2.1 and lower only supported 720p which was an okay start years ago.  However it is no longer invigorating when you're watching a movie on a 50 inch 1080p HDTV.

Why? The image will not cover the entire screen except if it is zoomed out.  It is therefore better to opt for tablets that support full 1080p.  Although you may have to pay slightly more, you are unlikely to be disappointed as you'll get a full wide-screen experience.

2.  Can it 'mirror' the display on the HDTV?

This is an important question as some Tablet PCs only allow movies and Youtube clips to be transmitted via HDMI on any HDTV or projector.  The iBex Flytouch 3 Tablet PCs allow this.

3.  Can you Navigate on The Touchscreen While Using HDMI?

When HDMI transmission is activated on some tablets whilst watching movies, the display on the tablet becomes disabled.  For users that need to access the touchscreen when watching movies via HDMI, they will be disappointed.  Tablets with display mirror capability can still control their tablets using the touchscreen.

4.  HDMI Port Mini or Normal?

Most 7 and 10 inch Tablet PCs come with a mini HDMI port - not a normal HDMI port that comes with DVDs and Blue Ray Players.  For this reason you'll need a HDMI cable.  I would not recommend buying a cheap one - I tried to connect an £8 mini HDMI cable and was sorely disappointed.  Why? It was not able to transmit enough power from the Tablet PC to the HDTV.

5.  HDMI 'Ready'?

Some Tablet PCs come with the HDMI port built-in.  

No extra ports are usually required to use HDMI apart from a HDMI cable.  However you need to project the display on to a larger screen you may need a HDMI add-on.  This can cost around £30.  

6.  HDMI 'Plug and Play'?

For the most recent Tablet PCs - especially those running Android 2.2 and higher, HDMI is 'plug and play'.  This is dependent on the firmware or the Operating System of the Tablet PC.  For the Flytouch 2 and Flytouch 3 HDMI connectivity becomes activated after pressing the Menu button - this is a toggle switch back to the touchscreen.  Whereas for some other Tablet PCs like the WowPad running Android 2.1, HDMI is activated from 'system settings'.  

I hope The Publishr has helped you choose the right Tablet PC for you!
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