The Publishr Installing HP 364XL Cartridge without Chip

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Save a truck load of cash by using our compatible HP 364XL cartridges by removing the chip from your original HP cartridge and placing it on our compatible ones!

These compatibles have a higher quantity too so you'll save even more.

What does the chip do?

Counts the number of pages printed
Contrary to what you'd expect the chip dos not measure the actual ink level.  The chip is actually programmed with a page count.  Once this count is reached, the printer reports back as being empty.  

As the chip cannot be reset, once the ink within it has finished the ink levels can no longer be displayed.  However as compatible cartridges are rather transparent you can see when the ink level is getting low - so you can prepare to top up within ample time.

Lets Start!

Step 1
Transferring the chip

i) The chip on the original HP cartridge is held in place with double - sided tape.  

ii) Remove the chip with a knife by sliding the knife as far as possible under the chip so the chip doesn't bend.  As the chip is made from flexible material it will be difficult to damage.  However if it is bent too far it is possible that a 'contact point' could get damaged, preventing it from being used in the future adequately.

iii) Remove the piece of paper from the double - sided tape on the new compatible cartridge.  

iv) Place the chip on the cartridge and push it down softly.  Ensure that it is placed on the correct compatible cartridge.  Why? Each colour has its own chip that are not interchangeable.  E.g., A black chip only works with a black cartridge.

v) Remove the yellow sticker and only then remove the orange clip.

vi) Insert the cartridge into the printer.  A message will pop up that the cartridge is empty or has been already used.  Click 'OK' to continue.

vii) You are now ready to print!

Potential problems

If you see an error message that a cartridge is missing or defective there may be a problem with the chip.  

What do you do?
1. Check the position of the chip and compare it with another cartridge.  
2. Ensure the correct chips are on the correctly corresponding cartridges as the colour of the chip may not match the colour of the cartridge.
3. Inspect the chip for damage which might have occurred during its transfer from the original.
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