The Publishr: Is This an Authentic iBex Flytouch 3?

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Buyers should beware of the new P041 Flytouch 3 clone. It runs the very buggy P041 firmware and it's a copy of the iBex Flytouch 3.

Those clones usually arrive in a Superpad III or Superpai 3 box and has a 3200 mAh battery.

Whereas the original iBex Flytouch 3 has a 8000 mAh battery.

So, what are the warning signs of having a fake P041 Flytouch 3....

1. Battery

If the description makes no reference to the battery size, be highly suspect! The original iBex Flytouch 3 Tablet PCs have 8000 mAh batteries.  The non iBex Tablet PCs have 3000-6400 mAh batteries.

This is why non iBex Tablet PCs are often £10 cheaper on average.  The crucial difference is a huge 3 - 4 hours reduction in battery time.

2. Packaging

If the description does not include a picture of the packaging, be worried.  Either it is a clone or the seller is hiding something.

If the box has 'Superpad III' or 'SuperPai III' written on the front it is definitely a clone.  

There never has been a Superpad III.  No Android 2.3 or Android 3.0 Flytouch 3 has been released yet!

The Superpad II = The Flytouch 3

Printing on the box should include: "Flytouch 3" and "iBex"

3. Firmware

The original iBex Flytouch 3 run Disco10 which is compatible with all the latest ROM's currently being developed by TIM and Chill Hacker.  

Under the settings menu (under 'About the Device'), the firmware model should NOT read "P041" or "Sawee10".

Why? Non-Disco firmwares are extremely buggy and have a lot of G-sensor, YouTube and GPS problems.
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