The Publishr: The OEM & Compatible Cartridges Do Battle

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What is the difference between an OEM and compatible cartridge?

OEM cartridge stands for original equipment manufacturer cartridge.  An OEM cartridge is an original cartridge manufactured by the original brand manufacturer.  An OEM cartridge comes in almost all of the top brands: HP, Dell, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Brother etc.  The printing quality of these cartridges is te best as they are the original ones manufactured under their brand names.

A compatible cartridge is either a remanufactures or new cartridge.  They work the same way as an original OEM cartridge.  Their quality of print is the same or even better than the original cartridge.  A special feature of these is that they are priced relatively lower.  Buying compatible cartridges can be more advantageous than buying an OEM cartridge.

Advantages of Compatible Cartridges

1. Cost
Compatible cartridges are almost a third to half the price of an original OEM cartridge.  Purchasing a compatible cartridge thus allows you to save money.  The money which you do save can be spent on buying an additional compatible cartridge.

The cartridges that you buy must be compatible with the printer you have.  There are few printers that do not take to compatible cartridges.  Ensure you buy the right cartridge for your pinter model to prevent waste.  

2. Environmentally Friendly
Recycle and remanufactured cartridges are environmentally friendly.  Remanufactured cartridges which does not let used cartridges go to waste as they are re-used.  As a result the amount of solid waste disposed into landfills is reduced.

3. Greater level of ink
Compatible cartridges print even more pages than an OEM cartridge.  This occurs as often, OEM cartridges are not filled to capacity.  A compatible cartridge therefore reduces the amount you pay per page and per cartridge as they contain so much more ink.

4. Warranty of your printer
Compatible cartridges do not void the warranty of your printer.  Most consumers are under the impression that using a compatible cartridge would void the warranty of the computer.  However this is untrue.

5. Greater availability
As OEM cartridges are manufactured only by their original manufacturers they are readily available from them at a greater cost.  Whereas compatible cartridges are often available from a variety of retailers and superstores and are thus priced more competitively particularly the HP 364XL model by ThePublishr on eBay.
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