The Publishr and The Battle of the Android Tablet PCs

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In 2010 alot of people were unfamiliar with ePads, aPads or WowPads.  A number of people that purchased these devices concluded aPads were absent of the feel of the iPad.  Whereas a number of people also acknowledged aPads were not user friendly due to poor documentation, inaccessibility to the Android Market, a resistive touchscreen and an absence of support.

Within the last few months prior to the iPad 2 release there has been an abundance of new Android Tablets from Asia that have capacitive screens, powerful processors and access to the Android Market.  These ePads are growing in popularity as they are running Android 2.2.  This empowers them with increased functionality which enables them to compete with superbrands like Apple, Samsung and Dell.  

Android powered Tablet PCs remain the least expensive units in the market compared with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) models.  ThePublishr_com on eBay often auctions Android 2.2 with a camera and 3G from just 99p .  Units with such capacitive screens start from approximately £159.95

The general rule of thumb is that you can get two top grade EPads or aPads for the cost of one OEM Android Tablet

Although most OEM Android Tablets come in 7 inches there are some 10 inch models like the Motorola Xoom.  It is expected that there will be a surge of OEMs with larger screens with unsurprisingly... hefty price tags.  Individuals that love reading books are more likely to go for the smaller 7 inch pad whilst the gamer or movie watcher is likely to be more attracted to the 10 inch pads.

More connectivity ports
Most ePads are generous when it comes to external ports.  The Flytouch II and III aPad and ePads come with 2 USB ports and 2 micro SD cards, an Etherport and an HDMI outport.  The HaiPad M7/ Dropad A8 comes with 2 USB ports and ann HDMI port (the HDMI experience in this is mind blowing - 1080p!).

However OEM units have the following features that will always attract customers - better marketing exposure, better documentation and easier access to customer support.  Makers of aPads and other ePads are improving their products and continually adding features without waiting for a grand product launch created by the OEMs.  

In closing - Take advantage of this and enjoy new technology before others - I watched my favourite flicks on my ePad via HDMI at least 5 months before the release of the iPad2! So can you!
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