The Publishr and The Truth About Ipads and Epads

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Over the last few weeks I've received alot of questions regarding the ePad, the leading and best selling clone of the iPad.  For this reason I've decided to review the ePad (which is also called the iPed or aPad) and let you in on whether it really is decent and areas it actually outperforms the iPad.

1. Pricing
You can get a basic ePad for around £70.  This basic model has all the key features of the iPad that allow you to use the internet and media and communicating.  

However, the difference in the cost of different ePads come down to the chip, memory and age of the operating system.  Even the best ePads though are only around £130 though.  

This is a significantly lower than the £399 that you'll pay for an iPad.  Additionally the clones allow you to tether the tablet when you don't have use of WoFi so that you can choose the cheapest data option when you can't find a hotspot!

2. Similar features

If all you're looking for is a way to enjoy the features of these tablets without the price of a logo  then the clones easily accomplish this.  Why? Because you get web usage, messaging, music, movies, word processing and an eReader in practically the same package as an iPad.

There is a difference in operating ayatem though.  The ePad uses Google's open source android operating system while Apple's iPad uses IOS.  What does this mean? Well, you're able to get apps from the android marketplace rather than from Apple.

3.  Performance

Not all ePads are created equal although all of them will get done what you want getting done.

They have a responsive touch screen.  Resolution is good.  Sound via the speakers is crisp.  However if you're looking for speed and high def movie and video performance, it'd be a great idea to check out the rockchip processor models.  These perform at a higher level and have very high customer satisfaction.  However satisfaction is dependent on what you're using your tablet for.  If it's just for checking email, listening to music and reading eBooks, the £50-70 models will be just fine.  

But if you're going to be a heavy user and are going to run videos movies and want to do heavy browsing, word processing, file sharing etc then you're going to see a speed difference in the processor with the rockchip.  Additionally depending on how you're going to use the tablet, upgrading might be worth it especially since you're saving over £180 on the cost of an iPad.

4. ePad outshines the iPad

There a number of places where the ePad outperforms the iPad.  It has a camera and webcam while the iPad doesn't.  It also has a USB port.  It has an SD slot so that you can add memory.  Finally you can remove the battery yourself which frees you from a commitment even more.  

The Publishr's Final Thoughts
The ePad is a cool alternative to the real thing.  They give you the features without the price tag.  Although you don't get the status of the real logo or access to the apple store you get an abundance of features as well as a lower cost which makes it a fantastic match for you.
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