The RANGERS APPRENTICE Book Series by John Flanagan

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John Flanagan originally wrote twenty short stories to encourage his 12 year old son Michael to read. These 20 short stories formed the basis for the very popular bestselling RANGER’S APPRENTICE series, which currently consists of 7 books, with at least 2 more planned. Now sold to fourteen countries, the series has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List and is regularly shortlisted in children's book awards both in Australia and overseas.

A fast moving adventure series for young readers

The Rangers Apprentice series is set in the mythical land of Araluen and follows the adventures of Will, a small and lively 15 year old boy living in medieval Castle Redmont.

After being rejected for training as a warrior-knight, Will is apprenticed instead to the Ranger Corps – a mysterious group who act as the King’s eyes and ears throughout Araluen and beyond its shores.

As an Apprentice Ranger, Will is trained to be an expert archer and knife thrower, as well as learning the skills of silent, unseen movement, tracking and concealment. Gradually, a bond develops between the garrulous, inquisitive Will and his grim-faced mentor, Halt – renowned as one of the greatest of all Rangers.

Based on a collection of short stories originally written to encourage the author’s son to enjoy reading, the series is alive with action – battles, boar hunts, inhuman enemies and loyal friends. It’s exciting and fast moving. Humorous at times, spine chilling at others.

It always involves the reader, and best of all, the characters ring true and quickly establish themselves in the reader’s imagination.

Endorsed by Children’s Book authorities in Australia, and having appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list, the series has now been sold in 14 international markets. Avid readers eagerly await the next book in the series. Book 8 is currently being written and Book 9 has been planned.

The seven books in the series are

  1. The Ruins of Gorlan
  2. The Burning Bridge
  3. The Ice Bound Land
  4. Oakleaf Bearers, also known as Battle for Skandia

Follow the first two years of Will’s life as a Ranger, from his initial recruitment as an Apprentice Ranger, through his pivotal roles in battles with the renegade Lord Morgarath, the Kalkara Assassins, the Skandian Seawolves and the fierce Temujai riders from the Eastern Steppes.

5.   The Sorcerer in the North
6.   The Siege of Macindaw

Set a few years later, this two book set describes Will’s first assignment as a fully fledged Ranger. Will is sent to a Northern fief to investigate rumours of sorcery, where he uncovers a planned attack by the fierce Scotti warriors from Picta. Several old friends from previous books assist him as he attempts to unmask a traitor and foil the Scotti plans.

7. Erak's Ransom

Book 7 is actually out of chronological order. Set after Book 4 and a few months before Book 5. Set in the desert land of Arrida, where Erak, Oberjarl of the Skandians, is being held prisoner. Will, Halt, Horace, Gilan and Evanlyn set out on a rescue mission. It’s full of action and adventure: fights, pitched battles, a horse race, a sandstorm in the desert. Two interesting new characters are introduced.

Books 8 and 9 are being written

John recently started writing Book 8, which will form a two-volume adventure with Book 9. It picks up the story after Book 6, The Siege of Macindaw. Working titles for the two books are The Kings of Clonmel and Halt’s Peril. Book 8 is due for release in Australia in November, 2008.

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