The Retro Collector's Guide

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Okay I've decided to put this little information pack together, this contains mostly stuff on the NES so skip the bits that don't apply to you.

Buying Retro Games on ebay
There is the usual crap about checking feedback, reading item description carefully ect ect.
But one thing to look out for is: idiots. Use people who don't know gaming to your advantage. If you spot a rare game, and the seller doesn't know it's rare then that means they're more likely to give it up. Don't tell them it's rare, otherwise they'll want more money for it.
Also don't be fooled by "Rare game l@@k!" - 99% of the time. The game isn't rare.

And remember, boxed and complete is alot better than unboxed, though be willing to pay a little more.

Caring for your console - NES
Often, people are put off when they see "untested" or "not working" in the item description. This isn't always a bad thing, pick these up and repair them is alot worthwhile and SO easy!
Firstly, the carts are quite easily broken by dust. But they are so easy to fix, simply get a cotton bud and wipe the slot. This doesn't involve opening the cart and is totally risk-free. You can even add a little Vodka to it if it's really dirty, but be sure to let it dry out.
The console itself I haven't had to clean before, but I know it's a simple matter of unscrewing the bottom and using a cotton bud again.
And remember - blowing into the cartridge before putting it in greatly increases your chances of it starting.

Final Words Of Advice
The best way to play the collectors game is to look at items ending soon with 0 bids, then nab them at the last minute. Get many from the same seller and save on postage!
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