The Return of Old Time Bodyweight Training

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Before innovative and unusual workouts, complex weight machines and technology, and protein shakes there were the old time bodyweight masters. These guys would use everything around them to build their body and become the strongest men (and women) in the world. Old time bodyweight training is rising in popularity again, but why and what are the benefits? Let's take a look at how this type of strength training can be advantageous to you and why it's becoming more mainstream once again.

Back On-Trend

As we know, trends tend to go around in circles; being originally fashionable, then out of trend and then back to being popular again. This certainly seems to be the case with old time bodyweight training methods, which have seen a sudden rise over the last year. Whether that be due to the love of everything retro or simply due to the realisation that training like the old time strongmen has some serious benefits, we're not too sure. However, we do know that this type of strength training has some serious advantages, to body-builders old and new. Whatever the reason for this sudden rise in popularity, it all makes sense that we try to incorporate this type of training into our modern lives.

A typical gym back in the days
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A typical gym back in the days

The Advantages of Old Time Bodyweight Training

When you look at some of the strongmen from yesteryear, they all have something in common; their strength was legendary. Sheer determination taking place of protein shakes or steroids, it took a lot to get to the level they were and achieve the strength they had.. These body builders would rely on a healthy, protein filled diet and a range of different workouts and methods. Many would use gymnastics as a way to build strength and flexibility, before even picking up a weight. Sandbag training was also popular for old time bodyweight masters; making use of all the materials and equipment around them. This type of training helps to create a sculpted body, without the use of technology or modern methods. By reverting back to the old techniques, we can learn a thing or two about real strength and perseverance.

Old Time Bodyweight Training at Home

Keeping within the old school methods makes it even easier to train at home, too. You can create a home gym using key pieces of equipment, such as sandbags, skipping ropes, resistance bands and even gymnastic rings (if you have the space). With more of us having less time to workout, using old time bodyweight training methods in a home gym, has it's clear advantages; no having to pay fees, no waiting for the equipment and no travelling back and forth, to name a few. Combine your home gym workouts with isometrics, progressive training and a protein filled diet, to replicate the methods of old time strongmen.
If you're planning on trying old school strength training methods then be prepared to be impressed. Look at the legends, such as Joseph Goldstein who could break chains with his chest, and you will realise what a difference this type of training can make.

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