The Second Chance Scam

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The second chance scam is now days a very popular one, i know this because i was a victim of this. Heres how the story goes: One day i saw a concrete core drill that i wanted to bid on, so i bid at least 5 times for the item but someoned did a last second bid and won the item. Later that day i get an email from a guy named Finn Richards telling me that he was the owner of the item and that the other guy who had bid the highest was unable to make the purchase so he told me that i could buy the drill for my last bid which was $180.00 and that he would pay the shipping and other fees,so i accepted cheerfully telling him my phone number but he never wanted to communicate by phone but i didnt see a problem, so then he asks me for my address and name and tells me to send him a money transfer to athens greece, i sent him the money and for this western union charged $22.00, anyways he was also using a spoof email to make me believe that i was also talking to an ebay agent and i really fell for it, then one day i receive an email from the spoof one (the supposedly ebay agent) telling me that finn could no pick up the money because he had to go to italy at a funerary, after i contacted western union they told me he had already claimed the money so them i sent an email to the spoof email and they told me the they were investigating that but mean while to send another $180.00 to their agent in greece and those they were gona refund the money and send me the item, this is where i got suspicious i contacted the seller from the ebay site, and i asked him if he sold his item to the highest bidder and he said yes, then i told him about the scam and he told me to report it to ebay but there is no use because since it was a transaction outside of ebay they couldnt help me.

Well i wrote this so no one ever goes trhough this.

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