The Simpsons Game on the Nintendo DS

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I thought I would write a quick guide for beginers like me, with some helpful hints about the game. I hadn't really played many platform type games on my DS which I think put me somewhat at a disadvantage, it took me ages to realise that the Simpsons game would allow me to start from the level that I left it at as I thought I would have to fully complete the whole level or I would have to start again from scratch! DOH! The other thing about this game is that if you can it's really helpful to try and have a good look round for each characters tokens, (eg. Homer collects duff beer caps) this really saves time on unlocking game play stuff later. The other thing I would also say is that the instructions for the characters special abilities flash up on the top screen really quickly so if you think you are coming up to try one pay attention to the top screen of your DS if you miss it you can look some up in the instruction booklet but I didn't find this particularly helpful. This is a really good fun game with loads of references to the show so watch out for these too. The Aztec theatre is great as you can re-watch any of the cut scenes up to the point you've completed. Pet Homer is another good little part of the game, the more of the game you complete the more items you unlock, but when you are feeding Homer make sure you place the food right at his mouth, sometimes this can be a bit annoying as you have to keep dragging the stylus across if you are not accurate enough. Finally I would say if you are having dificulties with the game keep trying, it does get easier as you get more familiar with the actions.
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