The Sims 3 Guide

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Base Game

The sims is an ongoing simulation game whereby you can create your own characters, insert them into the world and create their lives, from their homes, family, friends and what they do. You can have full control of their lives or watch & see what they will get upto on their own. The base game has limited feautres & objects to get you started.
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Expansion Packs

So you can buy expansion packs to add to the base game to give your sims more to do. This could be a bigger & new world for them to live in, new objects to interact with or new clothing & hairstyles. The expansion packs include:
World Adventures - This enables you to take your sims away on holiday.
Ambitions - New Careers opened up with the ability to interact with your sims whilst at work.
Late Night - Clubs & musicians and vampires become available as well as loft apartments.
Generations - This pack added new objects and interactions throughout every age range to give a better family experience. 
Pets - This one is obvious! It gives your sims the option to have cats, dogs or horses in their families.
Showtime - This opened up a whole world of fame to your sims!
Supernatural - zombies warewolves and witches filled a new land!
Seasons - This expansion brought about weather to your sims world!
University Life - a new subage sending your teens off to college!
Island Paradise - For the first time you can create houseboats & swim under the sea!
Into the Future - The final pack gave a whole new world & items set in the future!

Stuff Packs

Stuff packs are additional content similar to an expansion but smaller and cheaper. They usually only contain items and hair/clothing.
High-End Loft Stuff
Fast Lane Stuff
Outdoor Living Stuff
Town Life Stuff
Master Suite Stuff
Katy Perry's Sweet Treats
Diesel Stuff
70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff
Movie Stuff

Sims3 Store

Part of the new Sims 3 experience was the store. The Sims3 website has a whole online store full of downloadable items from hairstyles to shoe & icecream machines!
Any weird and wacky item could be found here for a small cost. 

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It wouldn't be gaming without cheats and the sims3 is no exception. 
Cheats are available from additional money to movie maker cheats to put your sims into poses or actions for creating your own sims movies. 
To access the cheats you need to press CTRL+Shift+C to open the cheat console on Windows and Mac computers.
Click into the cheat box at the top and type:
help - Lists most of the available commands at the moment (advanced cheats are also displayed with testingcheatsenabled true).
enableLlamas on/off -Turns on/off the Llamas: The pop-up messages that appear in the top right corner.
jokePlease - Gives a random, weird, corny joke.
fullscreen on/off - Toggles between full-screen and windowed mode.
fps on/off - Turns the frame rate display in the upper right corner on or off.
fadeObjects on/off - Toggles whether objects fade when the camera gets close to them. 
resetSim [FIRSTNAME LASTNAME] - Resets the Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets, and teleports Sim back home. Useful if they got stuck. Very useful if they just died and have not disappeared yet, like a Sim dies at the corner and sits there for weeks without the Grim Reaper coming to pick them up, and it makes it so they haven't died.
kaching - Adds §1,000 to active household.
motherlode - Adds §50,000 to active household.
unlockOutfits on/off - Enter this before going into CAS in order to use career and NPC outfits.
freerealestate - Allows Sims to buy lots for free.

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